Neal’s Yard Remedies Peppermint and Lime Deodorant

Neal's Yard Remedies Peppermint and Lime DeodorantNeal's Yard Remedies Peppermint and Lime DeodorantNeal's Yard Remedies Peppermint and Lime Deodorant

Neal’s Yard Remedies Peppermint and Lime Deodorant £8 50ml

When it comes to deodorant, I’ve never tried a natural formula before as I usually favour Mitchum as I find their deodorants to be very effective. Sweating is a bit TMI but I don’t have an issue with odorous sweat, but I do perspire quite a lot so I look for deodorants which will target perspiration rather than those that mask the smell of sweat (such a nice thing to talk about – not). In all honesty, had I not been gifted the Neal’s Yard Remedies Peppermint and Lime Deodorant, I would never have tried it as I usually pay around £2-3 for my deodorant so I wouldn’t have wanted to pay £8 for a product which would last around three to four weeks but I was still eager to give it a try. Plus for the month of October, Neal’s Yard Remedies will be giving a donation of £1 from every sale of their roll on deodorants which will go to the Haven Charity for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

With a fresh and invigorating scent, our Peppermint & Lime Deodorant delivers aluminium free, clinically proven 24hr protection.  It has been formulated to help naturally guard against odour and wetness with cleansing shikimic acid and moisture-absorbing bamboo powder.  A skin-loving combination of organic essential oils delivers a gentle yet effective way to face the day with confidence.

I don’t wish to discuss the controversy over using aluminium based non-natural deodorants as it’s such a divisive subject, and nor will I be publishing any comments which are left on my blog berating those who choose to use a non-natural deodorant product as it’s down to personal choice. If you are concerned about using an aluminium based deodorant, the Neal’s Yard Remedies Natural Deodorants are a great option and they’re available in four different fragrances in roll on, and spray bottle formats.

I really like the Peppermint and Lime scent as it’s a very fresh fragrance, but I don’t find that the scent lasts for very long which doesn’t bother me because as I mentioned above, I don’t have an issue with odorous sweat but it might be something to consider if you do. The deodorant feels nice and cooling on the skin, and I do find that it helps to minimise my perspiration but it doesn’t stop it completely like the Mitchum deodorants do, but I do prefer the fragrance of this Neal’s Yard Remedies Peppermint and Lime Deodorant. It’s all going to be down to personal preference on what you’re looking for from your deodorant, but if you’ve been considering purchasing one of the NYR deodorants, October is the month to do it thanks to their charitable donation.

*This post contains a press sample or gifted item - please see my Disclaimer page for further information.