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Bargain Beauty Blender for just over a £1 – a BeautyBlender dupe?!

Watching YouTube videos means I end up creating a wish list of products as long as my arm, and a BeautyBlender sponge appears quite high on that list. However I just can’t bring myself to fork out £15 for something that is essentially a glorified sponge. Good old eBay found me this seller, selling a Beauty Blender Dupe for 99p and free delivery from a UK seller. Sold. I told myself that this would be a good way of finding out if I liked the whole Beauty Blender concept before splashing out on an official one as I hadn’t tried a beauty sponge before.

Cheap skate maybe, but I have fallen for hype many times and been left disappointed so purchasing this Beauty Blender Dupe was the best way in my opinion. Although I followed the same ethos with eyelash curlers, thinking that Shu Uemura eyelash curlers can’t possibly be any better than Cosmopolitan ones?

I bought the cheaper version and was less than impressed so bought the Shu Uemura curlers and they’re better but maybe not worth their super high price point. In my opinion surely lash curlers are lash curlers? I’m not convinced.

eBay Beauty Blender Dupe sponge up close

BeautyBlenders are high density sponges that can be used to apply foundation or concealers. Although there are now sponges that have been created for the application of powders, blush, bronzer and even body ones for the application of tanning products.

When using a sponge, there are no lines or harsh edges due to the rounded shape which helps to prevent streaky uneven application. You use sponges both dry and wet, but it works better if its damp when applying cream products in my personal opinion. 

The tapered point of this Beauty Blender Dupe is ideal for the hard-to-reach areas or places that need precise application like your nose, under eyes or mouth. Due to the curved shape, the sponge glides across the contours of my face effortlessly. I was quite surprised by how big the sponge became once immersed in water, almost double the size.

I have been using my sponge to apply my Revlon Colorstay foundation, and even though it’s a full coverage foundation, the sponge gives it a dewy finish which I love. I have also found it easier to apply heavier coverage to blemishes or scarring by stippling the sponge in the problem areas, whereas I’ve never got fuller coverage on them with my brushes.

I really like that when you use a beauty sponge, especially with dry skin and dry patches, a sponge lays down your makeup over the dry patches with less clinging, so they become a lot less noticeable. 

Large image of the eBay BeautyBlender dupe

How does the Beauty Blender Dupe perform?! 

There is no doubt that this little beauty, is a bargain.. It really does make my foundation appear more flawless, and helped me to decide that the official BeautyBlender is something I need. Although this is a fantastic alternative, and would recommend both the seller and the bargain sponge.

Beauty sponges never last for very long, so it’s good to find budget alternatives which work well, as you have to replace them much more regularly than you would with a brush. 

Another big advantage of using a Beauty Blender is that it is just so much easier to clean, and dry than brushes, as you simply wet the sponge and apply some liquid brush soap, and then squeeze the sponge a couple of times until the water runs clear, and there are no obvious makeup marks on the outside of the sponge.. Saving time with tedious brush cleaning is something I’m sure most of us would appreciate.

*I would like to add to this post that although this sponge is a fantastic alternative for a low price, the original Beauty Blender is my holy grail sponge. However I still love a good dupe, and this is the best dupe under £5 for the original verison.

Have you tried using a BeautyBlender before?