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MAC Lip Pencil In Synch Review and Swatches

I always see that MAC Lip Pencil mentioned on the beauty blogs I read, so I decided I really wanted to give one a try. I knew I wanted a lip liner that would make the perfect base for nude or peach toned lipsticks, considering that’s what the majority of my lipstick collection, consists of. I opted for the MAC Lip Pencil in the shade In Synch after looking at swatches online, as it looked like a salmon pink shade.

Image of the MAC In Synch Lip Liner box
The pencil is housed within the typical MAC black and white signature packaging. The pencil contains 1.45g of product. The base and nib of the pencil is a baby pink colour, but the pencil inside is quite a different shade.
When swatched, and on the lips.. In Synch translates as an orange peachy toned shade. I think it might be a touch too peach to be suitable with most nude lipsticks unfortunately  but it will be perfect for all my peach and orange lipsticks.
MAC In Synch lip liner
I am surprised by how soft the lead within the pencil, is. It’s almost a little crumbly upon application, but the positive is obviously, there’s no scratching or dragging necessary. It definitely prolongs any lipstick I’m wearing, and helps to prevent any bleeding too.. which I’m obviously pleased about.

MAC Lip Pencil in the shade In Synch Swatches

Swatch of the In Synch nude lip liner pencil
Overall, I’m quite happy with this MAC Lip Pencil. I don’t think the shade is anything particularly special, I’m sure that you’d probably be able to find something similar from a cheaper drugstore brand. MAC Lip Liner’s retail for £11.50 each.
I wasn’t disappointed as such, but equally.. the Lip Liner didn’t wow me, although I don’t really know how a Lip Liner could wow me, but you know what I mean. I bought the ‘Cherry’ MAC Lip Pencil too, so I’m looking forward to trying that one, to see how that one fares? Everyone raves about MAC Lip Liners, so maybe this is just a one off?