Marc by Marc Jacobs Heart Headphones

13th May 2013

Two weeks ago I decided that I’d had enough of my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I wanted to go back to owning an iPhone. I loved my camera on my Samsung, it took incredible pictures.. But the Android apps were rubbish compared to those from Apple. I was sick of not being able to download the apps I wanted on Android so an iPhone 5 was the way to go. I chose a white one, as I’m a little bit purchase happy on eBay when it comes to buying phone cases, and knew that pastel cases would look cute against white. An iPhone means, apple headphones.. Which I don’t really like. Firstly.. They almost feel like you’re wearing an arrow beacon highlighting “iPhone Owner” to muggers, as well as not having particularly great sound quality. Enter the Marc by Marc Jacobs Heart Headphones.

Stock image of the Marc Jacobs Heart Headphones

Marc by Marc Jacobs Headphones

Meet my new beautiful headphones! I love Marc Jacobs, and these Heart Headphones are so cute. I love that they are neon orange, so they’re easy to find at the bottom of my bottomless pit aka my handbag. I also love the cute heart shape, with the gold circles engraved with the Marc Jacobs name.

There’s something so chic about Marc Jacobs, and I have a Marc Jacobs purse, and a few makeup products, so I love so it’s fab to have matching earphones.

They aren’t going to give you super high quality sound as they are more of a fashion piece than a technology advanced piece, but I’m very happy with them and I’ve had so many compliments ever since I started using them.

 The Heart Headphones retail for £35, but if you use your phone often, to listen to music or watch video’s, I think they’re great luxurious buy. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of luxury in their life?! I know I do!

Although I do recommend keeping them safe in your handbag inside a little drawstring bag, as they could easily get tangled up and you want to keep them protected as they are so much nicer than just the standard iPhone earphones.

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