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Wella Professionals Color Recharge Conditioner – Red

My natural hair colour is a non descript brunette shade, which is quite two dimensional. Since around the age of 17, I’ve dyed my hair an array of colours, but my favourite is red. I love. how an all over red hair dye gives my hair warmth, and vibrancy.

However, red hair dyes and styles require quite a lot of maintenance to prevent them from fading. The reasons for why a red hair dye fades quicker than others is down to the size of molecule, red having a larger heavier molecule, making it more difficult to penetrate the hair shaft, so it just clings onto the surface.

Whenever I dye my hair a shade of red at both a salon, or at home.. I’ve found it to last for just two weeks, unless I have it bleached prior to the application of red hair dye, which I try to avoid to protect my hair. To keep my hair from fading, I prefer to use a haircare routine which incorporates products specifically for maintaining red hair. The latest product I’ve been using to keep my hair looking as vivid as possible is the Wella Professionals Color Recharge Conditioner £11.85* in ‘warm red’.

“This rich conditioner refreshes and maintains the multi-dimensional colour of red tones, leaving hair intensively conditioned and with a soft touch. With colour-depositing pigments.”

Image of the Wella Color Recharge Conditioner packaging, and colour of the conditioner
After shampooing my hair, I dispense a £2 coin sized amount of the Wella Professionals Color Recharge Conditioner into my hand, which I then work through my hair. The conditioner has a very thick and rich consistency, which completely coats the hair. Due to how rich it is, it doesn’t necessarily go very far, so I tend to need to do two applications to ensure all my hair is covered.
After applying the conditioner, the directions advise waiting 3-5 minutes before rinsing. The rebel that I am, I like to leave it on my hair for a good ten minutes before rinsing. When it’s time to rinse, I’m always surprised by how little product there is left to wash out, considering how liberally I apply the conditioner. It’s almost like it has been absorbed into the hair.
During the rinsing of my hair, it feels incredible instantly. So sleek and smooth, salon style. It also works a treat on detangling my hair, which I loved. As a conditioner with no other properties, it’s pretty damn good, I love it.. my hair hasn’t felt so healthy in a long time. However, as for the colour depositing pigments and colour maintenance, how did it fare?!

Wella Professionals Color Recharge Conditioner – How does it perform?

What do you think to the difference? Using this Wella Professionals Color Recharge Conditioner religiously for two weeks has definitely brought my red hair dye back from the dead. I seriously cannot believe the difference?!
It’s almost like I’ve redyed my hair, which I assure you, I haven’t. I must say though, I dyed my hair with a darkish mahogany colour which seemed to dissipate into my usual brunette colour. My hair has turned into a lighter warm red shade, completely different to that of my original red colour.. but I love it!
I’ve had so many people ask me if I’d dyed my hair again. I didn’t expect the conditioner to be this effective, and in just two weeks. I am so incredibly impressed, even if the colour is completely different.
I would recommend this conditioner to anyone with fiery red hair, which tends to extinguish in time. I think this conditioner would work wonders on those who have a chestnut brown colour, as it would draw out the natural red tones in the hair.
The Wella Professionals Color Recharge Conditioner is available in three types; Warm Red, Red, Cool Blonde, Warm Blonde, Warm Brunette and Cool Brunette, so there is most definitely a type for everyone. The most interesting feature of these bespoke conditioners, is that they deposit colour where it’s needed the most.
This range of incredibly clever products are available in salons nationwide, so use this handy checker to see where you can get your hands on them. Unbelievably, there are 51 salons within 4 miles of my postcode selling the Wella range. Just wow!
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