Joop! Miss Wild Eau de Parfum Review + Giveaway

The minute I saw the bottle for Joop Miss Wild, I knew I would love it… It’s the same bottle as the men’s fragrance, with a rock chick edge. The Joop! Miss Wild bottle has an ombred purple design which is so beautiful, and unique. It has a chunky silver chrome lid, which I really like as most tops on women’s fragrance bottles are so dainty and boring, I like the statement it makes. 

Image of the Miss Wild fragrance sitting on the grass
My favourite part of the bottle’s design is the leather bow around the neck of the bottle, with small silver skulls with hearts for eyes on the ends of the bow, the skull features on the bottle too.
The bottle’s design fits with the Joop! Miss Wild name, it has a rock chick edge.. and I love it. I’ve always loved skulls – the pattern, not the skeleton that is! I love the fragrance‘s tagline “because sometimes, bad feels so good”….
Laying down perfume bottle on the grass
Miss Wild’s top notes are spicy Pink Pepper. The spiciness of the Pink Pepper is softened by the sweet sensual scent of black vanilla,  with a seductive base note of rum which is described as being a a wink the Homme edition, symbolising the secret connection between them.
I’ve never been very good at deciphering notes within a fragrance, nor have I really understood what each of them mean but this perfume is definitely for the kinda girl that loves her fragrance to be sweet and sexy. I love sweet, sexy fragrances myself.. so for me this is perfection.
Perfume bottle sitting on the grass
Miss Wild’s creators wanted the scent to be ‘a powerful and addictive floral orientation’ but I don’t notice any floral notes within the perfume, the vanilla is the strongest note which is usually what I look for in a perfume. I’d have to agree on the scent being addictive, whenever I wear the perfume I can’t help but reapply to be able to enjoy it’s beautiful scent.
Even though my bottle is an eau de parfum 50ml £42*, I don’t find it to last on my skin very well with a top-up needed around lunchtime.. although I do like to reapply my perfume anyway, as I’m quite the perfume addict.
Whenever I’ve worn this perfume, I have been complemented every single time and I’m constantly asked what perfume I’m wearing? It’s such a unique scent, that I absolutely love. So much so, all of my other perfumes have been pushed aside.
To coincide with the release of the new sexy Joop! fragrance; Miss Wild, a website has been created for a bit of fun, with a quiz to see if you are Wild at Heart? I was given the “Sweet Wild” profile which won’t make any sense unless you’ve answered the quiz.. it’s a touch raunchy. I had such a hard time trying to find some photo’s which fit my ‘wild profile’, but here are the ones I chose…
Joop! Miss Wild Eau de Parfum Review / Giveaway
(all images taken from Pinterest)
If you like the sound of Joop! Miss Wild, I have been given a 75ml eau de parfum worth £50 to giveaway to one of my readers! If you’d love to get your hands on it, head on over to to complete the quiz yourself and see what profile you’re given. You need to upload a photo to Instagram to sum up your ‘wild profile’ along with a ‘wild detail’ caption… be as creative as you wish, as I have the honour of choosing the winner.
The photo needs to be uploaded to Instagram with the hashtags: #misswild #badfeelssogood WITH my Instagram username included @missmakeupmagpie alongside the hashtags so I can find your entries. You must follow me on Instagram.  Entries will close on the 25th of September, and will be announced via Instagram, the winner will then need to email me on [email protected] with their address details so I can personally send them their prize. 
**The winner of the perfume is @juyey who was given a ‘Naughty Wild’ profile **
Well done Juyey!!!!!
Joop! Miss Wild Eau de Parfum bottle and box
An amazing competition I think you’ll agree?! Remember I’m the judge so be creative, use your sense of humour.. have fun with it. I really hope you enter, I can’t wait to see your entries to win Joop! Miss Wild.

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