Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush Review

The Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush, is exactly that.. a fine liner. The liner brush which came in the starter set was about 10 times the size of this, so it would just end up coating the whole lid in eyeliner. The bristles of the liner brush are quite dense, but only a small amount of bristles to help create a fine line for eyeliner. The bristles are Duo Fiber which you should be able to see in the close up photograph above.

Image of the eyeliner brush inside the packaging.
Applying gel eyeliner is a dream with this brush, it creates a perfectly fine line along the lash line, but can be thickened up if necessary for a more dramatic look. It does take some practice to perfect the perfect lined lid with the brush as the handle is really quite narrow between your fingers. I think the brush would be easier to use if the bristles were a touch shorter.. they’re a little bit too long which makes controlling the brush slightly more difficult.
Image of the back of the packaging of the liner brush
I bought nearly the whole collection of Real Techniques brushes last year from iHerb which is an American website that sells the whole range considerably cheaper than the UK. Even with expedited International Delivery, I saved myself so much money from buying from the US.
Image of the liner brush laying on pink fabric
I personally didn’t have to pay any customs charges but I have seen some people mention on Twitter that they were lumbered with charges so that’s something to consider if you do make an order. For example, the Real Techniques Starter Eye Brush set costs £21.99 ($34.59) in Boots, whereas on iHerb the same set costs just…. £11.44 ($17.99), I am not even joking! That’s half price!
In the Starter Set there is a Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush” which I thought would be perfect for eyeliner, however when it arrived I was surprised at how thick the bristles were and it just didn’t work as an eyeliner brush. I have no use for the brush at all, in fact – it’s pretty useless. 
I decided I wanted to buy the Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush instead as it looked a lot more promising. You can purchase the Fine Liner Brush on iHerb for just  £3.83 ($5.99) but I didn’t need anything else, so it would be pointless to buy just that brush alone. However I spotted Amazon were selling it for £5.24 which I was more than happy to pay.

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush – Up Close

Up close image of the Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush and bristles
I’ve tried to use the brush with eyeshadows which I often like to use instead of a gel or ink eyeliner, but it doesn’t work very well.. it leaves quite a patchy line. An angled brush is much better suited for eyeshadows, so I purchased one from Crown Brush for a bargainous £2.19 – and I seriously love it, and plan on buying another one for my brows!
If you like applying cream or gel liner, I really do recommend this brush if you can find it on offer.. I’m not sure I’d pay its £7 full RRP, as I’d probably choose to purchase a better one for just £3.19 from Crown Brush.
If you wear gel or cream eyeliner, which brush do you use to apply it? Have you tried the Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush?

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