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Benefit Rockateur Blusher Review / Swatches

Benefit is a brand I rarely have any interest in, I personally feel their products are ridiculously overpriced and you’re paying more for the unnecessarily ornate packaging. Their box powders cost £23.50 each, and I would much prefer to spend £21 on an NARS blush which are of much better quality in my opinion. I had the Benefit Dandelion powder a few years ago, and it was so underwhelming that I’ve not been remotely tempted to purchase another… until the release of Benefit Rockateur that is. 

Image of the Rockateur boxed blush packaging
When it was first launched, it was described as being a rose gold shimmery blush which didn’t appeal at all. However I’ve seen countless YouTube videos in the last month, where so many people have been raving about Rockateur. I had a 20% promo code for Look Fantastic so I decided it was the perfect time to buy it.
Blusher box open with the blusher brush sitting on the top of the blusher
Firstly I must address the packaging; I think it’s vile. Golden metallic snakeskin print, black and pink lace, black metal chains and black square stud detailing.. it’s just hideous. The name Rockateur could have given the packaging a black and silver colour scheme, maybe with skulls or stars?! I really don’t like it, I can’t imagine anyone over 40 wanting to own a product with this packaging?
Image of the blusher pan with the blush brush standing next to the box
All of the Benefit boxed powders come with their own brush. Usually the bristles on the brush are squared off, but the bristles on the Rockateur brush have been tapered off at an angle to help create a more sculpted look. The bristles are a little bit scratchy so I prefer to use my Real Techniques Blush Brush for application personally.
Up close image of the Rockateur Blusher pan
The Benefit Rockateur powder is embossed with the word ‘Rock’, with a glittery prism like pattern. When I opened the powder box for the first time, I was a bit scared of the glitter but it appears that the glitter was just an overspray as it doesn’t transfer to the face thankfully. £23.50 gets you only 5g of product, when their standard box powders contain 8g which I think is really poor and unacceptable?! I have no idea why they have put almost half the product of their normal box powders and still charged the same price.

Benefit Rockateur Blusher Swatched

Benefit Rockateur Boxed Blusher Swatched on pale skin
One of the reasons that made me decide to buy Benefit Rockateur was hearing various ‘beauty guru’s’ mention in their videos at how subtle the colour was. I love my blush to be subtle, so I knew I would love Rockateur. The powder has a beautiful silky consistency, but it’s not very pigmented which is why it gives off such a subtle colour on the skin.
The swatches above, the heavily swatched swatch was at least two layers of colour to get an accurate representation of the colour, and the blended swatch is just the one layer. As you can see it’s very faint against my pale skin, which makes me very happy indeed.. however, if you love a more vibrant pop of colour to the cheeks, Benefit Rockateur is definitely one to avoid.
I swirl my brush in the box 3-4 times before applying to my cheeks, and it creates a really natural dusky rose like glow. There is no glitter whatsoever, but there is a slight sheen which looks incredibly pretty. The subtlety of the colour means it’s the perfect blush for those who like to build up their cheek colour, by adding more to get the desired colour.
This is such a beautiful blush which I didn’t expect to love as much as I do. It looks so natural against my skintone, making it perfect for everyday. It’s not a blush I’d use for a night out, as well as it’s a little too faint plus it wouldn’t show up very well in photo’s.
I have to disagree with the rose gold description, it’s definitely a rose colour on the cheeks, but I don’t see any gold or even a noticeable detectable shimmer at all. I absolutely love this blush, I am so pleased I bought it. If you have fair skin, it will look stunningly beautiful on you, I guarantee. However I’m unsure darker skintones would show the colour very well if at all? I
just wish Benefit didn’t put such a small amount of product into the boxes of a blush you have to build up to get a noticeable colour from – it makes no sense. Although I would definitely repurchase Rockateur in a flash, it’s just perfection. I can see exactly why so many people are raving about it.
What is your favourite Benefit Boxed Powder, if you own any? Have you tried Benefit Rockateur?