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MAC Patisserie Lustre Lipstick – Negative Review & Swatches..

I bought the MAC Patisserie lipstick after being recommended it when I mentioned in a #bbloggers chat that I was on the hunt for my perfect pinky nude. I didn’t check any online swatches, which I should have done and I’m now kicking myself as obviously lipsticks suit different people and show up to be different shades depending on the natural lip colour. MAC Patisserie Lipstick has a lustre finish, and is my only Lustre lipstick in my collection. 

Image of the MAC lipstick box lying on bright pink fabric
MAC’s Lustre lipsticks are typically sheer, very glossy finished lipsticks. However Patisserie’s Lustre formulation means it doesn’t last on the lips whatsoever.. it disappears incredibly quickly, within an hour – without eating and drinking. When I’m spending £15 on a lipstick, I’d expect it to last at least two hours.. after trying this Lustre finished lipstick, I definitely won’t be purchasing any other lustre lipsticks from MAC.
MAC lipstick box packaging
MAC Patisserie Lipstick bullet
MAC describe their Patisserie Lipstick as ‘sheer creamy neutral pink’, which I have to totally disagree with. This lipstick is a horrible brown shade on me.. it is most definitely a browny nude shade, which looks very brown on my arm and on the lips. It’s such an unflattering shade on me, I genuinely hate it.
I just can’t wear it, I can’t pull it off and I’m totally disappointed. Patisserie contains gold glitter too, which isn’t in any of the descriptions and it didn’t translate in the swatches but you can just about see it in the lipstick bullet photo if you enlarge it. The glitter feels very gritty on the lips, which is something else I really don’t appreciate.

MAC Patisserie Lustre Lipstick Swatches

Swatches of the MAC Lustre Lipstick in the shade Patisserie in studio lighting and direct sunlight
I have never been disappointed with any MAC products I’ve tried.. and this is a complete fail for me. If I ever choose to do a blog sale, it’ll be the first item I get rid of, as Patisserie and I are just not meant to be – EVER! I feel like an 80’s pop star when I wear it, which never was and never will be a good look.
Have you tried the MAC Patisserie Lustre Lipstick?

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