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Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk Review

My favourite Soap & Glory product in the whole world has to be their Rich & Foamous dual-use shower and bath body wash. Oh my. It smells absolutely incredible. Their zesty Sugar Crush line is one of Soap & Glory’s bestselling lines for scent, and I do really like Sugar Crush but for me, I prefer sickly sweet scents which is exactly what Rich & Foamous has. Last Christmas, I managed to get the Soap & Glory HUGE Best of All Gift Set, which had an array of products in it including the Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk.

I’d never tried Smoothie Star, but I was absolutely elated when I smelt it as the exact same delicious Almonds, Brown Sugar and Oat scent as the Rich & Foamous Body Wash. Believe it or not there’s even a warning that this is not a food, it’s that convincing.

Image of the Smoothie Star body lotion packaging laying down on pink fabric
Smoothie Star is packaged in a huge 500ml bottle, with a pump. I really wish they did smaller bottles than this for their products as I feel 500ml is just excessive. Although for just £6.50, I think they’re very reasonable, plus the bottle has a 24 month shelf life once open which is brilliant.
The pump is invaluable though, as so much easier to apply rather than having to screw the lid back on with slippery body milked hands. Soap & Glory claim that their Smoothie Star Body Milk contains “waterlock moisture trapping matrix” which sounds pretty ridiculous. I hate how brands make up technology terms to make their products sound more scientific and impressive when in fact it means nothing.
Labels on the side of the body lotion packaging
I love the packaging all of Soap & Glory’s packaging, it’s so cute and Smoothie Star is no exception with a picture of a retro milkshake glass and blender on the back, and again the pump is a really handy feature.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk Review

Image of the Soap and Glory body milk unblended on the skin
Soap & Glory Smoothie Star is described as being a Body Milk, which would suggest that the cream had a milky, runny texture to it. However the consistency is more of a rich body butter that is quite thick thus takes a good while to rub it into the skin, and absorb.
I think they perhaps chose Body Milk as their description to fit in with the whole Smoothie ideal but I’d definitely disagree with it being a body milk. The richer formula means it’s ideal for applying just before bed, but perhaps not the most convenient in the mornings when you’re pushed for time. Soap & Glory do a Smoothie Star whipped body butter as well, which I am yet to try.
Once the Soap & Glory Smoothie Star lotion has completely absorbed, it leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth just like the name suggests. The gorgeous scent lingers on the skin too for a good couple of hours which I love, however when I use this layered over the Rich & Foamous Body Wash it just intensifies the deliciousness and makes the scent last longer. Smoothie Star is without a doubt, the nicest smelling body cream I’ve ever tried.. it makes me feel like I’m a walking talking cake.
I’m really impressed with how far the cream goes, with one pump being enough for each limb so this 500ml monstrous bottle is going to last and last. I can’t get enough of this lovely scent, it’s so perfect for this time of year, and if you love vanilla, sweet scents you need this in your life. I now need to get my hands on the Breakfast Scrub as that has the same scent too.