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Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Makeup Brush Set Review

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes have gained quite a cult following, and rightly so considering their low prices, amazing quality and diverse range. I own every brush in the Real Techniques range, and I simply cannot recommend them enough. I love how well they perform, giving the results of brushes costing triple the price as well as how well they wash with no shedding whatsoever.

I have some absolute favourites which I simply couldn’t be without such as the Miracle Complexion Sponge, Expert Face Brush and the Duo-Fiber Contour Brush to name but a few. However Real Techniques fans brace yourself as there is a brand new brush set that has just been released which is sure to top everyone’s Christmas List! Let me introduce to you the amazing NEW Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Makeup Brush Set…..

Real Techniques brush set inside the packaging showing the brushes included inside
Image showing the back of brush set with the brushes included in the set
The brand new Limited Edition Sam’s Picks contains six full size brushes in total and retails for £29.99*. The collection includes Sam’s favourite Real Techniques brushes, including one never-before-seen set exclusive brush – the Essential Crease Brush.
The set includes two ‘Base’ brushes; The Buffing Brush and the Pointed Foundation Brush (both of which are only available in the Core Collection). Two ‘Eye’ brushes; Essential Crease Brush (Set Exclusive) and the Fine Line Brush (retails for £6.99). Lastly there are two ‘Finishing’ brushes; The Setting Brush (retails for £6.99) and the Multi-Task Brush (only available in the Travel Essentials Kit). Considering the set costs £29.99 that means each of the six brushes are £5 each which is fantastic value.
For anyone who hasn’t tried the Real Techniques brushes, they’re hands down the softest brushes you’ll ever experience thanks to their cruelty free, ultra plush taklon bristles. No matter how many times you wash the bristles, they retain their softness and shape which I love. Plus they dry so much quicker than any of my other brushes, which is always a bonus.Real Techniques Sam's Picks Makeup Brush Set
This set really would make the perfect gift for any girl/woman this Christmas as the brushes are presented in a really pretty metallic pink, purple and gold insert which is unique to anything Real Techniques have used before in their sets.
Due to the range of brushes within the set, it’d be ideal for those who’ve never tried any of the Real Techniques Brushes as you’re getting 6 brushes which would pretty much complete a whole makeup look. Equally this set would be a fantastic gift for those, like me are a massive Real Techniques fan and would love and appreciate dupes for their favourite brushes as well receiving the brilliant set exclusive ‘Essential Crease Brush’.
Real Techniques Sam's Picks Makeup Brush Set
Real Techniques say……..
Multi-Task Brush: For effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer.
Buffing Brush: Ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation.
Essential Crease Brush: Soft, tapered design for effortless contouring.
Setting Brush: Complete any look with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter.
Pointed Foundation Brush: Use with Liquid Foundation to build custom coverage.
Fine Liner Brush: Ultimate tool for precision application of liquid or cream eyeliner.

Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Makeup Brush Set Review

Real Techniques Sam's Picks Makeup Brush Set
The Multi Task Brush is the biggest within the set with the longest bristles. Although RT say it can be used for blusher and bronzer, I feel that the brush is a little too big. I much prefer to use a brush like the Real Techniques Blush Brush for blush and bronzer as the bristles are tapered allowing for a more precise, controlled application.
I personally love to use the Multi-Task brush to apply pressed powder on top of my foundation, to help set my base in place for the day. The bristles aren’t too densely packed so a light hand gives an even, light coverage of powder without leaving the skin looking caking. If you were wanting to use bronzer to add an all-over colour then this brush would serve that purpose well, it’s just contouring it doesn’t really work for.
Real Techniques Sam's Picks Makeup Brush Set
The Buffing Brush has a really unique shape, with the bristles having almost a flat, squared off surface. The bristles are a lot more dense and are shorter compared to the likes of the Multi-Task brush. I love to use the Buffing Brush to apply my light-medium coverage foundations as the buffing motion buffs the foundation into the skin effortlessly for an even flawless coverage.
I call this my everyday foundation brush as it gives more of a natural coverage, than the likes of say the Expert Face Brush which excels at a more fuller, flawless finish. The Buffing Brush is ideal for those who like to apply tinted moisturiser or BB creams and I really like to use it to blend my moisturiser and primer in too. If I use the Buffing Brush to apply my primer, I like how it leaves remnants of the primer on the bristles which helps to apply the foundation a little easier, as well as helping it to last longer.
Real Techniques Sam's Picks Makeup Brush Set
I’m not going to lie, I absolutely LOVE this brush. The Essential Crease Brush is simply a fantastic, eyeshadow blending brush which will inevitably earn comparison to the notorious MAC 217 thanks to it’s domed, tapered bristles. I’m surprised that this brush is a set exclusive, as I know this would be incredibly popular if it was released separately.. although I can imagine people purchasing this set purely to get their hands on this beaut.
The way the bristles have been cut, means that they’re relatively stiff but at the same time very soft. I use this brush to blend my crease colour, which it does effortlessly. Windscreen wiper motions help the brush to blend the shadow perfectly to give the most perfectly blended eyeshadow. I’ve tried a lot of crease blending brushes, but none come close to this one.. it was love at first blend.
Real Techniques Sam's Picks Makeup Brush Set
The Setting Brush is definitely one of my favourites from this set. It looks like a larger version of the Essential Crease Brush, with the bristles tapered and cut in the very same way. I love to use this brush to set my under-eye concealer.. I simply swirl it around the pan of my powder of choice (currently Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot) and hold the black, rubberised handle of the brush to give the brush more movement, and less control.
I then dust the brush underneath my eyes, and anywhere else I’ve applied my concealer to help set it in place. If you’re a massive fan of using highlighting concealers under the eyes, you need this brush in your life.. it applies enough powder to set the concealer without detracting from the highlighted effect. The tapered shape of the bristles also means that this brush is fantastic at lightly contouring the sides of the nose, as well as the cheek bones making it a pretty versatile – but – essential, brush.
Real Techniques Sam's Picks Makeup Brush Set
The Pointed Foundation Brush is described by Real Techniques as being able to apply a custom coverage, which seems a bit strange seeing as you apply your ‘custom coverage’ with whichever foundation brush you’ve used. However I have found a much better use for this brush alongside the aforementioned Setting Brush – together they’re the dream duo. The longer, dense flat bristles of this brush work a treat at applying and blending your undereye concealer.
I use the tip of the brush to apply the foundation directly to my skin, and then use the flat sides to blend the concealer in with short, blending strokes. Once I’ve fully blended the concealer, I then grab my Setting Brush to lightly dust my setting powder over the top.. they work amazingly together and help make my undereye concealer last all day. The long, flatter bristles of the Pointed Foundation Brush mean you reach all the hard to reach places around the contours of the eyes, the nose and chin.
Real Techniques Sam's Picks Makeup Brush Set
I am somewhat of an eyeliner fiend, and currently love this liner brush.. so much so I’ve already dedicated a blog post to it (here). This is the perfect brush to use with gel liner, which can be used to create both a fine, precise line by using the point to draw the line or you could use the side of the bristles to create a thicker, more dramatic line.
I prefer a more finer line along my lid, with it winging out at the ends. This brush doesn’t do winged liner very well, so I usually use this brush to line my lid and then grab my liquid eyeliner to draw on the wings which works perfectly.
As I said with my review, this brush does take some getting used to as the bristles are quite long in length but once you have.. it’s a fantastic brush with a very precise point which is exactly what I look for in an eyeliner brush. You can also use it to apply black eyeshadow along the gel line you’ve just created on the lash line, to help set the liner too.
I absolutely love this Real Techniques set of brushes! I really like how every single one of the six are brilliant, and I know I will be using all of them as with some of the other Real Techniques kits, there have been brushes I’ve not really liked or used. £30 is such a good price for this set, as you’re getting a lot of brushes and more importantly you’re getting that set exclusive crease brush which is beyond amazing. I would wholeheartedly recommend this brush set to everyone.. Real Techniques & Sam really have put together six amazing brushes which make makeup application a dream. I highly recommend grabbing this set before it sells out, as it’s going to be immensely popular as we edge towards December and Christmas.. which you can buy from Beauty Chamber for £29.99.
It’s the best Real Techniques set so far…. by far.