HUGE Crownbrush Haul

I have a serious makeup brush obsession, and love adding new brushes to my over-growing collection. My favourite makeup brush brand has to be Sigma, followed by Real Techniques. However it really does get expensive should you need to purchase back-up’s so you don’t have to wash your brushes on a daily basis. I love all of my Real Techniques face brushes, but I’m not that impressed with their eye brushes so I wanted to get some good quality eye brushes. I’d read quite a few reviews of Crownbrush Makeup brushes, and after checking their website out.. I was stunned by how cheap each brush is, and how many brushes they stock; I knew I had to make an order. I bought a total of 20 brushes in total from a variety of their brush range/collections, which are all eye brushes bar one – concealer brush. I have 13 of the 20 I own to feature today, the remaining 7 are duplicates of some of the brushes or are very similar.

When my brushes arrived I noticed that some of the brushes have their name printed on them, but the majority don’t. Plus they all have different bristles and different coloured brush handles depending on their collection – although all brush handles are wooden. Delivery was so quick too, well within 48 hours from ordering for just £2.99.. and they were all packaged so well too.

HUGE Crownbrush Haul

Crownbrush C200 Deluxe Crease Brush £3.19
The C200 has a matte black handle, with sable bristles. The bristles are slightly tapered, but not densely packed which allows for plenty of movement whilst blending shadow through the crease. I like to use this as my last brush when applying eyeshadow to blend out the edges to ensure everything looks seamless with no harsh edges where each colour begins, and ends.
This is such a good brush to own as it really does make such a huge difference, with just a few ‘windscreen wiper’ motions. The shape and texture of the bristles is very similar to that of the MAC 224 and Sigma E40 brush for just £3.19 – amazing. No shedding experienced whatsoever, and the bristles retain their shape perfectly too. You could even use this C200 to blend in concealer under your eyes, as the bristles are firm enough but allow for blending motions.
Crownbrush C152 Medium Chisel Brush £2.49
This brush is so small in length and light in weight compared to the others, it’s really cute. The bristles are Sable, and the handle is a black matte just like the C200. The bristles are quite wide, but are thin too. I bought this brush as I thought it might be a good lower lashline smudge and blending brush.
I don’t find it that it works very well for either of those uses.. the only use I’ve found for this C152 is for placing eyeshadow onto the lid.. so for placing a shimmery gold shade in the centre of my lid for example, without moving the shadow underneath. If I’m honest, I’m really not a fan of this brush.. the bristles aren’t at all soft like all of the other Crownbrush’s I ordered.
Crownbrush IB132 Stiff Brow Brush £2.19
The IB132 has a mahogany effect handle which I love as it really stands out amongst the black handles. The bristles are a combination of Boar and Badger. The bristles are relatively short at just 7mm in length, however that’s why this brush is ideal for brows. Just like the name implies, the bristles are perfectly stiff which really helps to create a good defined brow shape.
The thin, short bristles allow for short, multiple strokes so I can build up colour, and definition gradually so they look natural. I much prefer a more subtle, defined brow.. than giving myself thick slugs, which this brush does so well. This is the best brow brush I’ve come across so far, and I want to purchase another to use for gel eyeliner as it would work amazingly for liner too. I can’t believe this brush is just £2.19, it’s genuinely brilliant.
Crownbrush C138 Round Contour Brush £2.29
The C138 has a black matte handle, with sable bristles. The bristles are so soft, densely packed and really are perfectly rounded. I love to use this to smudge out my pencil eyeliner along the upper and lower lashline, to smoke it out a little so it looks a little less harsh.
I also find that when I use this brush to smudge my liner, it helps it to last a little longer too. The Crownbrush website suggests using this brush to apply highlighter to your inner corners too. If you like to do a cut crease, this would be perfect for precise application and precision blending.
Crownbrush IB110 Mini Oval Smudger Brush £2.99
This really is a tiny brush, with the bristles as long as half of my little fingernail. Unlike the small medium chisel brush, I like how this brush might be small but the handle isn’t tiny. The handle is a mahogany colour with Italian Badger bristles.
The bristles on this IB110 and the Medium Chisel Brush are shaped the same, however this brush’s bristles are a lot smaller in width and height and the bristles are so much softer.
This brush does work well for smudging shadow or liner along the lashlines, similar to the aforementioned Round Contour Brush.. but I’d have to say I prefer the Round Contour Brush. The IB110 does work well when used to add a subtle, but defined darker shadow to the outer V as it’s so small which I prefer to do with it rather than smudging.
Crownbrush BK10 Oval Concealer Brush £3.49
The BK10 is the only face brush I bought as it was so different to any other concealer brush I own. A black glossy handle with black ferrule which looks so much more expensive than the others. The bristles are unbelievably soft as they’re Taklon, and are long and slightly tapered.
The smooth surface of the paddle like bristles work very well at smoothing in concealer, particularly around the eyebrow or the under-eye area. The tapered tip also works great at cleaning up the edges of lipstick too for a really defined lip line.
I’m so pleased I bought this brush, and I’m definitely going to purchase more face brushes after loving this one. If you’re a concealer fiend, you’d love this brush.. especially if you like to use concealer to define your brows Kim Kardashian style!
Crownbrush BK14 Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush £2.99
Oh wow I love this brush, so much so I’d go as far to say that it’s my favourite eyeshadow brush.. full stop. Just like the concealer brush, this BK14 has a lovely black glossy handle and ferrule. The bristles are incredibly soft sable and are so, so wide – as wide as my thumb! I don’t own any eyeshadow brushes as wide as this so I was intrigued. The bristles are quite thick in depth too. This brush is amazing at applying shadow all over the lid smoothly, and evenly.
I love using this brush to apply a pale skin-toned shadow all over the lid, up to the brow bone – so quickly too as it’s so big. It packs colour on so well as a base shadow before applying further shades.
The only downside is the shedding I’ve experienced, as it has shedded during application occasionally (only an hair or two) and during washing. Shedding aside, I think everyone should own one of these brushes as it makes eyeshadow application so much quicker and easier – and it’s under £3?!
Crownbrush C441 Pro Blending Crease Brush £3.99
One of Crownbrush’s newest releases; the C441 Pro Blending Crease Brush is bound to get compared to the MAC 217 brush in appearance alone. Matt black wooden handle, with goat white bristles. The bristles are relatively soft, but not as soft as the C200 I mentioned at the beginning of my post. However the stiffer bristles aid the blending process as it’s a lot more precise than the fluffier C200.
I place the brush within my socket, and blend it along the whole of my socket line which blends everything amazingly well.. I don’t own the MAC 217 but I’ve read countless claims of this being a dupe. It’s the best eyeshadow blending brush I’ve ever used, and really does make the poorest, most basic eyeshadow application look smooth, flawless and pretty. Whatsmore, I’ve not had one tiny bristle shed from this beaut, which makes me love it even more. £4 is such a snip for a brush of this great quality!
Crownbrush BK30 Badger Blending Fluff Brush £3.99 
Another brush from the BK series which means the gorgeously glossy black handle, and ferrule with Italian Badger bristles. This brush is a real multi-use brush.. I like using it to apply shadow to the lid as it’s lovely and fluffy.
The fluffy bristles allow for movement of blending shadow through the crease or the outer V to blend out any harsh lines. I also like using this brush to apply a brightening concealer to my under-eye area or brow bone by using the flat side of the brush, and then use the fluffier, tapered tip to blend the concealer out.
The slightly stiffer bristles could be used to do a little contouring too, should you wish to. The bristles are so incredibly soft and silky too, which I love as some blending brushes can be a little too ‘scratchy’.
Crownbrush SS012 Deluxe Crease Brush £3.49
The Crownbrush SS012 is another of my favourite Crownbrush brushes. Black wooden handle, with silky synthetic bristles which are three different shades; white, brown and grey. The bristles are a lot more stiff, and densely packed than the C441 and C200.. with the bristles being more tightly packed and domed shape.
This SS012 reminds me of a pencil brush, except the bristles are longer and wider.. so it has the precision of a pencil brush, but the wider and longer bristles of a crease brush.
This brush works so well at blending shadow on the lid, as I love to wear two to three shades of shadow.. so this blends the shades together amazingly well without blending any shadow away. This brush is also fantastic at blending concealer, thanks to the domed bristles.  I love this brush, and need a backup or two….
Crownbrush C438 Pro Deluxe Liner Brush £3.19
The C438 is another new Crownbrush release, which I affectionately call ‘the best eyeliner brush’. Another matte black wooden handle, with synthetic mustard coloured bristles. The bristles are short at only 7mm, but are very densely packed so the bristles are stiff which is why this brush is so great at applying eyeliner. I love to use this brush with gel liner as it creates the most perfect thin, precise line in just one movement.. and can be used to wing the liner out effortlessly too.
The bristles are stiff enough that they create a perfect, solid line.. but the tips of the bristles allow subtle movement so the brush can move over the contours of the eyelid without dragging.
I love how the brush can be used with its tip for a thinner liner, or on its side for a thicker more dramatic lining of the lashline. The tiny point of the brushes also works well at lining the lower lashline too.
If I had to choose just one brush from this huge haul that I would recommend, it would be this.. it has made such a huge difference to my gel liner application. I absolutely adore it, I’m stunned that it’s just £3.19. If you wear gel liner, or want to learn – you NEED this brush.. seriously it’s the perfect tool for the foolproof lining of the eye.
Crownbrush SS021 Syntho Blending Fluff Brush £4.99
When my brushes arrived, I was convinced I’d wrongly ordered two of the same as this SS021 and the SS012 are so, very similar. The bristles and handle are exactly the same, except this SS021’s bristles are a touch smaller in size. The SS012 has more domed bristles, whereas this SS021 has a smaller, more precise bristles for controlled application.
I do really like this brush, but I don’t think I need this and the SS012 as they’re so similar – if I could go back, I’d rather have the SS012. The smaller domed bristles allow for more gentle, softer blending and crease work. Not only does this brush blend eyeshadow beautifully, it also works well at applying shadow to the lid, or lower lashline.
Just like the SS012 it can also be used to blend concealer, although I prefer to use the SS012 as it’s larger. The Syntho brush line all have synthetic, hypoallergenic bristles and they wash so well with no shedding whatsoever.
Crownbrush BK42 Bullet Crease Brush £2.49
The BK42 brush is a brush I didn’t really need seeing as I now have an abundance of crease brushes from this haul. The bristles are domed, with taper to point. The bristles surface area is really small if you can tell from seeing how small it is against my fingertip which surprised me when it arrived.
The bristles are a sable/goat combination, and is described as a shading brush for the crease. I prefer to use it to blend shadow along my lashline, for the days where I don’t want to wear liner as I want a softer more smokier appearance. I also like to use one of my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner pencil to draw all over my eyelid, and then use this brush to blend it out.
Overall I am so unbelievably impressed with my Crownbrush’s. I just can’t believe that how cheap each brush is, considering how amazing the quality is of each one. I seriously can’t understand why anyone would pay £20+ for a MAC brush when you can brushes of the same quality from Crownbrush considerably cheaper?!
I love all of the brushes (bar one but 19/20 is pretty good going) and would definitely recommend Crownbrush as a company for their customer service, and their brushes for their quality and choice available. I will no doubt be purchasing more brushes from the Crownbrush website as I’ve been flawed by their quality.. particularly their BK line; I love the glossy black finish, and super soft bristles.
I also really appreciate how they do a mixture of synthetic and natural bristles, so depending on your personal preferences there are an huge amount available in either type. I really didn’t expect their brushes to be amazingly good to be completely honest, as let’s face it – some of these are under £3?! However they’re just amazing and I’m so pleased I bought them, as they all (bar one) wash very well and have retained their shape too.
If you have any Crownbrush brush recommendations, please let me know.. I’d love to add more to my collection.

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