JewelCandle Cinnamon Bun Ring Candle Review + Ring Reveal

JewelCandle is a company which sells candles, all of which contain a ‘jewel’ in the form of a pair of earrings or a ring depending on which size candle you purchase. The Earring Candles are £16.95 each and contain a pair of earrings valued between £10 and £250. The larger Ring Candles are £24.95 each and contain a ring also valued between £10 and £250. I love burning scented candles anyway, and burn a candle every night but the surprise of the piece of jewellery within the candle is such an exciting concept. Just like other candle brands, there are a variety of scents to choose from; I chose the Cinnamon Bun Candle £24.95* scent as I thought it would be the perfect festive scent.

Image of the Cinnamon Bun candle containing a ring
Image of the JewelCandle ring candle in front of a Christmas tree
The JewelCandle Candle’s are beautifully presented in a weighty glass jar, with a lid. Each of the candles have a white satin bow wrapped around them which really adds to the overall presentation. On the front of each candle there is a a black or white illustration of the scent alongside the name of the scent.
I really like the simplicity of the design as the glow of the candle will shine through the illustration, whereas other brands that use labels on their candles really restrict the overall ‘glow’ effect. The candle is a pillar design which I really love, as I often find that with the large Yankee Candles, their curved jars lead to a lot of wasted wax whereas pillar candles burn a lot better with less wastage.
JewelCandle Cinnamon Bun 'Ring' Candle
Each of the candles come with a card confirming that the jewel inside is worth anything from £10 to £250 as well as an employee guarantee to say that the candle has been made to a high quality. I think this card is a cute touch, as the ink signature shows that the candles have been packed by the employee individually, rather than just producing 1000 and sending them all off without a personal touch. Plus this card explains the whole concept behind JewelCandle and what it contains should you gift one of these candles to a loved one.
JewelCandle Cinnamon Bun 'Ring' Candle
On the reverse of the candle, there is an illustration of a ring showing you where the ring is positioned within the candle, which you can see inside a foil wrapper. I think this is really cute, as the positioning of the foil wrapper is where the stone of the ring on the illustration is. I found it so exciting to see the wax  burn down over time getting closer and closer to the foil packet.
JewelCandle Cinnamon Bun 'Ring' Candle
As a standard candle, ignoring the hidden jewel.. it’s a really good quality candle, with such a strong scent. The Cinnamon Bun scent is really authentic, and smells both delicious and festive. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed burning this candle on these Winter evenings around the festive season.
The scent of the candle can be smelt within a couple of minutes of the candle being lit which I think is always a sign of a candles quality.. some candles take a while to fill a room with its scent.
As the Ring Candles are so tall, I’d recommend using a long gas lighter to light it as it’s a lot easier than a conventional lighter or match. The candle burnt so cleanly and evenly with minimum wastage which really impressed me. The wax moved down with the wick, rather than clinging to the sides and just creating a hollow centre. I really like how thick the glass is on the candle, it makes the whole candle look and feel so much more luxurious and special.
The large Ring Candles have a burning time of around 130-150 hours which is amazing considering the candle is just under £25, typically candles with such a long burning time cost a lot more and that’s without a ring inside.
I really do think £24.95 is a fantastic price for these candles, as the large Yankee Candles are £19.99 and have a burn time of just 110 hours and these JewelCandle candles contain a ring valued between £10 and £250! I also think the presentation on the JewelCandle Candles is a lot nicer especially if you’re giving the candle as a gift.
The ring (or earrings) are wrapped within heat resistant foil so the wax and heat can’t damage the jewel inside. JewelCandle used to disclose on the ring or earrings, the value however they no longer do that for legal reasons, which is understandable. They still have a tag attached to them to say which metal they’re made from.

JewelCandle Cinnamon Bun Ring Candle – Jewellery Reveal

JewelCandle Cinnamon Bun 'Ring' Candle
It took about three evenings of burning the candle before I could reach the foil packet. I was so tempted to scoop it out but I resisted incase I ruined the candle or the ring. It was so exciting watching the candle burn down waiting for enough of the foil to be exposed that we could get it out. When I finally unwrapped the foil I was shocked by how big the ring was, with a huge diamond shaped cubic zirconia or crystal stone on the front, with two arms of stones on either side.
I was expecting it to be a lot daintier from the photo’s I’ve seen on their Facebook page where people upload the jewel they receive. My ring is a serious whopper! It’s made from Sterling Silver, and the crystal stones sparkle beautifully – the way the diamond shaped stone has been cut is so beautiful and really catches the light. I’ve never seen a ring quite like it, it’s ever so pretty and being the Magpie that I am – I’m in love with its sparkle.
I would have loved to know the value of the ring, out of curiosity than anything. From the rings I’ve admired on their Facebook page, I imagine it must be around the £40-£50 mark but I could be way off. JewelCandle suggest taking your ring or earrings to a jeweller to be valued, but I’m not going to as I love the ring for what it is rather than its value. It still smells of Cinnamon too which is quite amusing.
I have to say I am so impressed with the whole JewelCandle concept, the high quality of the candle itself and the ring I received within the candle. For £24.95 it’s such an amazing deal.. I’m sure my ring is worth more than that alone, never mind the 150 hour burn time. I will be purchasing some of the candles as gifts through the year as they’re so unique, exciting and reasonably priced. There are so many scents available too, in lots of different colours.
JewelCandle have very kindly given me a code for my readers, should you wish to purchase your own candle for 10% off with the code ” MissMakeupMagpie10 “. If you do decide to make an order, I’d love to know and make sure you tweet me a picture of your ring or earrings as I really would love to see it. Do you like my JewelCandle Cinnamon Bun Candle?

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