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Soap & Glory Peach Party Multi-Colour Blush Brick Review / Swatches

I’m a massive Soap & Glory fan full stop. However, their makeup range is really great quality, and their One Heck of a Blot Face Powder and Glow All Out Luminizing Powder feature in my daily makeup regime because I love them. When I saw their Peach Party Muti-Colour Blush Brick in Apricot Jam £11 I knew there was a huge chance I was going to love it too.

I’ve always wanted to own one of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks but for £32 I just didn’t think I’d use it enough to warrant the splurge. Peach Party reminded me instantly of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar, which contains stripes of pretty much the same shades of shimmer.. for £21 cheaper. The Soap & Glory Peach Party Blush Brick features ‘peach, copper & gold pearlised pigments’, in a segment pattern.

Soap & Glory Peach Party Multi-Colour Blush Brick
Soap & Glory Peach Party'Multi-Colour Blush Brick
The compact is the same style of One Heck of a Blot, a large black plastic compact with a mirror inside the lid. I like how sturdy the packaging is, as it protects the powder inside. Glow All Out had card packaging which doesn’t feel protective enough.
On the back of the compact it says; ‘brighten the apples of your cheeks, contour under your cheekbones, then brush on shimmering highlights. Although all the shades are highly shimmery and pearlised which really wouldn’t work for contouring, as you’d need a matte bronze shade.
Soap & Glory 'Peach Party' Multi-Colour Blush Brick
The wheel of shimmer shades is really pretty with two copper segments, two white segments, 2 peach segments, and four blush pink segments. Each of the segments really do glisten when moving the compact due to how shimmery they are.
Due to how narrow each segment is within the brick, it’s hard to use each of the shades separately without touching the other shades which makes it difficult to use it for highlighting, contouring and blush. All the shades blended together create a gorgeous golden peach shade. On my pale skintone the golden peach created by blending all the shades together is too dark.. especially to use as an highlighter, how ever on a darker skintone, it’d look really pretty and flattering.
Soap & Glory 'Peach Party' Multi-Colour Blush Brick
Soap & Glory 'Peach Party' Multi-Colour Blush Brick

Soap & Glory Peach Party Multi-Colour Blush Brick Review and Swatches

Peach Party' Multi-Colour Blush Brick
I prefer to avoid the two copper segments within the brick, as they’re too dark for my complexion, but they do work well as eyeshadow shades. I use my Real Techniques Blush Brush and subtly sweep across the paler shades, to use as an highlight on the tops of my cheekbones, and along my brow bone.
All the shades within the blush brick are so pretty, and they could all be used as eyeshadows should you wish to. I really like how silky smooth all the shades are, as they’re not gritty and blend easily both on the cheeks or eyelids. I think I’d love this blush brick even more if the copper segments didn’t exist as the remaining white, peach and pink blend together and create such a lovely, shimmery peachy blush.
I think £11 is such a good price for this, as the quality is amazing.. and you need such a tiny amount of product each use, that it’s going to last forever too. I think Peachy Party would look seriously gorgeous on tanned skin, as it would compliment the gold and copper tones perfectly.