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The £2 Real Techniques Brush Dupe from eBay

I’m a huge Real Techniques fan, and I’ve raved about their brushes in many blog posts as they’re such good quality, affordable and give really great results. Whilst perusing eBay I came across a seller who was selling makeup brushes almost identical to Real Techniques in style and colours but for under £2 a brush. On further investigation, I discovered lots of these brushes; all at ridiculously low prices. None of them are described as being Real Techniques brush, nor do they have the Real Techniques logo on them so they’re not technically counterfeit. Considering each of the brushes are £1.99, curiosity got the better of me and I placed an order as I was interested to see how it would measure up to the real McCoy. I opted for ‘D02’ as it looked somewhat similar to my beloved Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and patiently waited for it to be delivered (which took around two weeks from China) and it looked like a promising Real Techniques Brush Dupe.

The £2 Real Techniques Brush Dupe - Is it worth a try!?The £2 Real Techniques Brush Dupe - Is it worth a try!?
When it arrived, I was taken aback by its seemingly good quality and how similar it was to the Real Techniques brushes. The bristles are made from Taklon like the Real Techniques brushes, the handle has a weighted, black rubber base, and the shade of pink is identical to that of the Real Techniques brushes.
RT colour code their brushes depending on their use, with their base brushes being gold, and their finishing brushes pink… however this foundation brush is pink. It is possible to purchase these brushes in pink, gold, purple and blue on eBay, depending on which seller you buy from. However apart from the colour being different, that’s the only difference.. well apart from being £10 cheaper.

£2 Real Techniques Brush Dupe from eBay Review..

The £2 Real Techniques Brush Dupe - Is it worth a try!?
In the stock images, D02 reminded me of the Expert Face Brush, but in reality it’s more of a hybrid between the Expert Face Brush and the Buffing Brush with domed bristles. The bristles are densely packed like the Real Techniques brushes, and they’re incredibly soft.. if you were doing a touch test, they feel identical.
The bristles aren’t as perfectly aligned and tidy as the Real Techniques but for £2 that can be forgiven, it doesn’t affect the application in any way. Surprisingly enough, I actually prefer this brush to my Expert Face Brush and Buffing Brush.. it blends, and buffs my foundation in so quickly without leaving any brush strokes.
It creates such an even, flawless coverage. I never expected these Real Techniques inspired brushes to be half as good as the original considering their meagre price tag but this brush is fantastic and I’ve already placed an order to complete the set.
If you’ve never tried the Real Techniques before, I cannot recommend these dupes enough especially when they only cost £2 a brush. You can even purchase sets of 5 Real Techniques dupe face brushes for £9.99, and they’ve just recently started doing 7 piece eye brush sets too for £2.89 which is mind-blowing!
Even if you already own some of the Real Techniques brushes, I’d really recommend trying these brushes, even if it’s just so you have a backup of your favourite brush so you don’t have to continually wash them everyday. I cannot fault this brush whatsoever, it’s just so cheap and amazingly similar for a fraction of the price.
Gotta love a fantastic dupe…