Bargain eBay Nail Art Brushes

Publishing more nail art posts is one of my aims for my blog this year as I really enjoy reading such posts on other blogs and love nail polish and nail art. I used to own a lot of nail art polishes which I bought from eBay (these) however they weren’t the best quality so I decided to purchase a selection of brushes that I could use with my ordinary nail polishes.

I wanted a set which had some smaller, fine brushes as well as some nail stripers which I’d seen used in quite a few nail art tutorials on YouTube. I discovered a set which contained three nail stripers of varying lengths, with three nail art painting brushes again with varying lengths – all within a cute white pouch for a ridiculously cheap £1.89 with free delivery (link) making each brush just 31 pence.
Delivery was very quick, and when they arrived I was really quite impressed with their quality. OK they’re not exceptionally well made, but at 31 pence a brush I am very happy. All six brushes come with a small plastic sleeve to help retain their shape.
Bargain eBay Nail Art Brushes
The three stripers have hollow plastic handles, which mean they’re very lightweight but I like that as they’re a lot easier to use for dainty details. Each of them are numbered 1-3, with 1 having the shortest bristles and 3 having the longest bristles. The bristles on all six brushes are made with synthetic bristles; the stripers have slightly waxy but firm bristles which help to create neat, solid stripes and lines.
For my nail art I have a pink plastic picnic plate which is covered in splats of multicoloured nail polish from past nail art, where I use the brush from the polish to drop a few generous dollops of polish on to the plate. I then take the striper and ensure the full length of the bristles have been evenly coated in my polish shade of choice.
They’re so easy to use, just swiping the bristles depending on your preferred design. I originally thought I’d only be able to do stripes with the stripers but the possibilities are endless (look here).

The three nail art brushes have white, round, wooden handles with much shorter bristles compared to the stripers although they still vary in length. These three brushes would potentially suffice for nail art alone, without the stripers as they’re so fine, you can do some really intricate designs.

I think these will get more use than the stripers will, but to be able to get six brushes for just £1.89 is amazing. They’re all easy to clean too, by dipping them into a bottle of nail polish remover and wiping against some cotton wool. I really can’t wait to start getting creative with them with some inspiration from Pinterest.

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