Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer

Manuka Doctor is a skincare brand inspired by nature, and the “only skincare range to combine the potency of patented Purified Bee Venom with the healing benefits of Certified Manuka Honey for authentic skincare solutions that work”. Their wide range of products are split up into four categories of skincare and health solutions; apiclear, apirefine, apinourish and apiwellnes. All of the Manuka Doctor products contain purified Bee Venom that has been sourced from New Zealand in a bee friendly procedure. Manuka Doctor won an award for ‘Best New Brand’ in the 2012 Beauty Insiders Choice Awards.  Manuka Doctor’s paraben and SLS free formulas have been proven to help promote skin’s elasticity and helps fight the signs of ageing as well as clearing up acne and blemishes depending on the range used. The way that these products containing Bee Venom work, is that it tricks the skin into thinking that it has been lightly stung with the toxin melittin. Once the blood rushes to the area, it then stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin. Whilst looking into the Manuka Doctor products, I discovered that Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham both use products containing Bee Venom (not necessarily Manuka Doctor – but who knows?!) to keep their skin looking youthful. If it’s good enough for them. Recently I have been using the Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer £13.99* which claims to help enhance the lip shape for fuller, more luscious lips as well as helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and provide 24 hour moisturisation.

Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer

It has been clinically proven to increase lip volume in just 5 minutes which is a pretty bold claim. I’ve tried the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Glosses which have a plumping ingredient within them, but I really don’t like them as they burn my lips, so I was interested to see if this would have the same effect. 
The directions are incredibly simple; ‘apply to lips’ although I wasn’t sure how much or how little I should apply at first. I was interested in the lip plumping effect, and moisturisation but not with the reduction of fine lines as I’ve not got any fine lines or wrinkles yet.
The Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer is packaged within a long squeezy tube, similar to a squeezy lipgloss tube. To apply the product there isn’t an applicator, just that the gel squeezes out of the end.. so I prefer to dab my finger on the gel and then apply to my lips rather than use it directly.

Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer Review

The product itself is a clear, very watery gel which has a slight menthol scent. When applying it to the lips it does feeling really quite greasy, and a slight tingling sensation begins almost instantly. The Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer does feel different to other lip plumpers I’ve tried as the tingling sensation happens almost in waves, where it comes and goes intermittently every 30 seconds or so.. whilst the gel still feels slippery on the lips.
Looking in the mirror, I noticed that my bottom lip gets quite red and ‘bitten’ like, whereas my top lip looks quite pale – each time I use it, so I guess the blood is pumping into my bottom lip where I applied more gel.
The gel doesn’t have any taste which I’m pleased about as that was one of the things I hated about the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Puckers. After around ten minutes, the throbbing tingly sensation disappears which is when I wipe off the excess gel, as it’s worked its magic.
After wiping away the remaining product, my lips really do feel a lot more hydrated and soft. More importantly – they feel and look so much fuller and plumper. I have to admit I was a bit of a sceptic on this Lip Enhancer but it really does deliver all that it promises.
Not only does it plump the lips themselves, it actually plumps the skin around the outside of the lips which is where those with fine lines would see the benefit – as it completely smoothes and fills the whole area out. The plumping effect is in no way trout pout territory thankfully.. but it really is noticeable.
Once I’ve wiped away the excess gel, I then apply lipstick to my lips as they’re left so soft and hydrated by the gel – perfect for lipstick. I love how plump, and how much fuller this Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer makes my lips.. it makes such a difference.
I particularly like to apply lipgloss when I’ve used this plumping treatment as it really maximises the effect, visually. Again unlike the Soap & Glory Mother Puckers where the plumping effect is only present whilst the product is on the lips, the Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer’s plumping effect lasts for 6 or 7 hours after application which is seriously good going.
If you have thin lips and want a plumping lip treatment that works, this really is something you need to try – especially considering it’s only £13.99.. you only need the smallest amount of gel per application. It isn’t burning, or painful like other lip plumpers I’ve tried and the effects can be seen so quickly. I’m really pleased to have this within my collection, for the times where I want plump and hydrated lips on nights out.

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