Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream

The Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream £12.99 claims to restore, revitalise and rehydrate all skin types. The night cream is packed with skin friendly ingredients; organic rose geranium essential oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Grapeseed Oil, Natural Glycerine and Vitamin E. Rose Geranium Essential Oil is known to naturally restore the skin’s natural balance and clears sluggish circulation.

It also contains shea butter and aloe vera, both of which moisturise and prevent moisture loss from the skin. The Green Tea and Grapeseed Oil work together to naturally reduce inflammation as well as soothe and heal the skin. Before trying this Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream I didn’t have a specific night cream as such as my moisturisers are all quite intensive so can be used for both morning and evening use.

Just like the whole Organic Surge range, the Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream £8.99* has a very high natural content at 98.99%. Their products are free from SLS, parabens, synthetic fragrances and colourants.. and are all so reasonably priced considering their ingredients are so high quality and skin loving. Plus their skincare products are also animal-friendly so they’re suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.
Organic Surge claim that the cream helps create a more radiant, brighter complexion as well as leaving the skin more supple. The Night Cream is housed within a clear, weighty, glass jar of 50ml. The cream itself is white in colour and has somewhat of an non-descript scent. The only scent I can distinguish from the cream is the Grapeseed Oil so if you don’t like scented facial skincare products I think you’d appreciate this Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream.

Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream Review

Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream
The consistency is very thick, and rich.. which my dry and dehydrated skin loves. Although this night cream is labelled as being suitable for all skin types, I really think this cream might be too rich for those with the more oilier skin types as it does leave a slight layer of residue on the surface of my skin.
This layer of residue after I’ve applied the cream, gradually absorbs into the skin throughout the night and has disappeared completely by morning. These traits are absolute perfection for those with dry skin like myself as my skin feels like it’s had a real moisture boost during the night. It claims to rehydrate, which is does very well and leaves my skin feeling and looking plump and hydrated.
Due to how rich the Overnight Sensation Night Cream is, I tend to apply it just to my cheeks and forehead; my drier areas, and apply a slightly lighter cream to my nose and chin which are less dehydrated and more prone to breakouts. I particularly enjoy applying a slightly thicker layer of cream and using it as an hydrating face mask by leaving it on my skin for at least two hours.. after two hours I gently wipe away any remaining cream with a tissue. It really works wonders and leaves my skin feeling so nourished.
For £8.99 there is no doubt that this is a fantastic night cream, that really does deliver intensive moisturisation overnight. I’m really enjoying using this night cream, and so far I’ve not suffered any breakouts which I’m always wary of with new skincare additions.  If you have dry skin then I cannot recommend this cream enough as it will leave your skin feeling so much more supple, and rid the dreaded ‘tight’ sensation we often wake up with.

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