APIVITA Body Nourish Bath & Shower Gel

5th February 2014

APIVITA Body Nourish Bath & Shower Gel

APIVITA is definitely my favourite skincare brand discovery from 2013, after falling in love with every single product I’ve tried. APIVITA’s products have a natural ingredients content ranging between 80%-100%, with each of their products clearly labelled on their website with their natural ingredient percentage. All ingredients used in the making of their products are environmentally friendly and are mainly sourced from 5,500 herbs available in Greece. What I really like about APIVITA and their packaging on their products, is that they always list the ingredients included within the product alongside a list of nasties that have been left out such as Parabens, Silicones and Mineral Oil. The APIVITA Body Nourish Bath & Shower Gel £12* contains 96% of natural ingredients, and is specifically targeted for those with dry skin. I’ve already tried the APIVITA Body Euphoria Bath & Shower Gel and really enjoyed it. 

APIVITA Body Nourish Bath & Shower Gel

The APIVITA Bath & Shower Gels are packaged within 300ml brown recycled plastic bottles with a flip-top lid and are available in nine different varieties. APIVITA Body Nourish contains Almond, Avocado and Olive Oils which hydrate and nourish the skin. Neroli, Lavender and Olive Oil aid in skin regeneration and restoration, as well as Lavender, Neroli and Geranium and Rosewood Oils relieving stress and are mood lifting. 
I was unsure at first if I’d like Lavender and Almond together as they’re both such different scents. However this APIVITA Body Nourish Bath & Shower Gel smells delicious. The Almond has a sweet cake-like scent to it, but the Lavender softens it a little so it’s not at all sickly. It’s such a lovely scent which lingers on the skin for at least three hours. The gel has a cream consistency which feels like a body milk as you rub it into your skin, which on contact with water begins to lather. I prefer to use a shower puff as it helps to create masses of perfumed lather that cleanses from head to toe. My skin feels instantly moisturised in the shower due to the cream formula.. and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished once dry. You could quite easily use this shower gel and not apply any body lotion post-shower as your skin feels so moisturised. I really love the APIVITA Bath & Shower Gels, the 300ml bottles last for ages too as you only need the smallest amount. If you have dry skin and want a shower or bath gel which is going to cocoon your skin with moisture then this APIVITA Body Nourish is ideal.
APIVITA Body Nourish Bath & Shower Gel 1
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