Crownbrush C406, C450, C456 & C458 Face Makeup Brushes

If you read my Crownbrush haul post (link) you’ll know how blown away I was with my very first Crownbrush makeup brushes. From the thirteen brushes I reviewed, I totally loved twelve of them and have been waxing lyrical about Crownbrush ever since. The newest additions to my Crownbrush brush collection are face brushes, as I was so impressed by their eye brushes, I knew I had to give their face brushes a whirl.

Crownbrush C406, C450, C456 & C458 Face Makeup Brushes 1

Just like their eye brushes, Crownbrush have an extremely extensive selection including both natural and synthetic bristles to suit all budgets. You can search for brushes individually depending on what function you’re looking for.. i.e blending brush or powder brush… or you can search by their brush ranges; of which there are 15!
Crownbrush C458 Infinity Jumbo Powder Brush £15.99*
The first of my new brushes is from the Crownbrush Infinity range. The C458 is one of Crownbrush’s newer brushes and is designed for controlled bronzer application on both the cheekbones and temples. The C458 is really quite weighty and substantial at 185mm in length, with bristles of 53mm.
I really like how good quality this brush feels due to the heavy, thick, black wooden handle and large gunmetal grey ferrule and brush code printed on the handle. All of the brushes within the Infinity range are synthetic, which makes them extraordinarily soft and silky.
Apart from being cruelty free, synthetic bristles are brilliant as they’re able to apply liquid, cream and powder products without absorbing the product into the bristles, thus less wastage and so much easier to clean.
The Real Techniques Powder Brush is very big in size, but doesn’t necessarily have a precise shape to it whereas this C458 is very wide, but as you can see from the above photo’s, are shaped into an oval which gives better control. 
The C458 is an amazing powder brush, distributing powder so evenly without leaving it looking cakey. This brush works so well with my Guerlain Les Voilettes Translucent Powder as the soft, fluffy bristles dust the lightest layer of powder.
I also like using this brush for adding an all over bronzing to my face like Crownbrush suggest, as the oval shape of the bristles fit well into the contours of my face. Another use for the C458 is to sweep away any fallen eyeshadow as it’s so big and fluffy.. it’s really versatile, and very well made.
Crownbrush C450 Infinity Pointed Foundation Brush £16.99*
This is the brush I am most excited to own, as I’d been eyeing up the Sigma F86 Angled Kabuki Brush as I’d seen it on so many YouTube makeup tutorials. However on comparison with my friend’s F86 brush, this C450 is so much better for just £1 more.
The Crownbrush Infinity range has been designed to create an HD, flawless finish which is why this particular range is a favourite amongst makeup artists. Just like the aforementioned C458, the C450 has a thick, weighty, black, matte, wooden handle which feels so solid and well made in the hand. The bristles on this brush are the silkiest I have ever touched.. it’s almost as if it’s made of feathers. The bristles are quite densely packed, and are tapered into a precise point.
The tapered point makes this brush ideal for applying cream and liquid products around the eyes, and hard to reach areas around the nose and mouth. I’d wanted a tapered foundation brush that I could use to blend in my undereye concealer in, which this does perfectly.
It blends both concealer and foundation is so well, without any brush marks or streaks and I’ve found that I don’t get any creasing or product settling in fine lines since using this brush to apply product around my eyes. The tapered point is great at tidying up any edges of my eyeshadow mistakes I may have done, or been a touch over zealous. I think everyone needs this brush in their collection, it’s such a fantastic brush that’s made such a difference to my makeup application. 
Crownbrush C456 Infinity Pointed Blender Brush £5.99*
The C456 is almost like a mini version of the C450 in that it is densely packed, with tapered bristles. The bristles on the C456 are just as incredibly silky as the C450 too. I love how precise this brush is as it can place, and blend product so precisely for example around the brows where I want to apply concealer to highlight or apply concealer around the outside of my lips when I’ve applied lipstick for a sharp precise lip line.
I think this brush is such amazing value at £5.99 as it has so many uses. If I’m applying eyeshadow through my crease and it looks a little too harsh, a little concealer or foundation on the brush helps to tidy up or remove any makeup mistakes. I’ve found this brush to work really well at applying eyeshadow primer, or a MAC Paint Pot to my eyelids too as it blends the product in, effortlessly.
You could even use this C456 to apply cream contour products along the bridge of your nose, in the hollows of your cheeks, jawline and temples to give your complexion some shadows and an illusion of a perfectly chiselled bone structure. 
If I had to choose only one brush from the four it’d be this as it has so many uses and is so effective at both application and blending. The super soft synthetic bristles allow application of cream, liquid and powder so you can use the Infinity brushes for just about anything.
I’ve even used the C456 to apply my favourite highlighter of all time; MAC MSF in Lightscapade as the tiny, tapered point allows for such precise application so I can apply to my inner corners of my eye, my brow bone, cheekbone, cupids bow..etc. I can’t emphasise enough how amazing this brush is for just £5.99 – I absolutely adore it.
Crownbrush C406 Large Duo Fibre Face Brush £9.29*
The last brush is one of Crownbrush’s bestsellers; the C406 is made of a combination of both synthetic and natural (goat) bristles to produce the duo fibre bristles. I’m such a huge fan of duo-fibre brushes and use at least one every day to apply my makeup. With my dry skin, I like my skin to look radiant and glowy to minimise my dry patches, so don’t like to layer my foundation with powder as it ends up feeling like an unsightly, cakey mask.
Duo Fibre brushes are a dry skin girl’s best friend.. as it picks up such a light dusting of powder that the bristles apply so sparingly to the places you need it most without losing any of the luminosity of your skin. Equally I love how sparingly it applies highlighter as it looks so subtle, but stunning without emphasising my pores. 
Duo Fibre brushes apply both cream liquid and powder products but I find that their effectiveness depends on how densely packed their bristles are. This C406 Duo Fibre brush has pretty sparse bristles so I wouldn’t use it to apply foundation or concealer as the finish would undoubtedly be quite streaky. What cream product this brush is excellent at applying is cream blush, especially my Stila Color Convertibles.
I just dip the brush into the blush once, and then dab the brush once on the back of my hand then apply to my cheeks, for the perfect, even blush application.. using it like a stippling brush. I don’t own any personally, but I imagine this brush being perfect for applying cream bronzer too. 
Overall I love these four brushes. They are all so versatile and are able to do so much more than their namesake. All of the brushes have a matte, black, wooden handle with the brush’s code stamped into the handle which I really appreciate as many of their eye brushes I featured previously didn’t have this.
Just like the eye brushes, these face brushes perform fantastically and wash and wear well without any shedding and retain their shape, use after use. If you’re looking for a particular brush, or just looking to expand your makeup brush collection I really recommend Crownbrush makeup brushes.
They have such an amazing range of brushes, and they’re all so affordable too without compromising on quality. I’m a massive Crownbrush fan, and have been left so impressed yet again.

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