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NYX Taupe Powder Blush | The Ultimate Contouring Powder for Pale Skin

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll be well aware of my love for NYX. Their products are so affordable, are available in so many shades and variations and are of such amazing quality. I’ve never been disappointed in any of the NYX products I’ve tried so far, and I love that their products are all cruelty free. One of my favourite NYX product lines has to be their powder blushes.. costing just £6 each and are available in an impressive 25 shades on the NYX website. I’ve already reviewed both the NYX Peach and Summer Peach shades, and recently got my hands on the highly coveted NYX Taupe.

Image of the open contour powder with lid open
NYX Taupe is a very cool toned, almost an ashy grey shade which is why it lends itself so well as a contour shade. Having pale skin makes it hard to find the perfect bronzer and contouring powder as the majority of bronzers end up looking muddy or orange. If you are pale skinned like myself, you need NYX Taupe in your life..
Close up image of the contour powder compact
NYX Taupe Powder Blush | The Ultimate Contouring Powder
I love the sturdy packaging NYX use for their powder blushes, with a good secure lid. I really like how they have a clear window so if like me, you have several shades, you can find the shade you want easily. My NYX Taupe contains 4g of product, however on their website NYX describe their blushes as having 5.2g so I imagine they’ve increased the product weight more recently; without increasing the price amazingly enough.

NYX Taupe Powder Blush Review and Swatches

Image of the Taupe contour powder pan
NYX Taupe Powder Blush | The Ultimate Contouring Powder for Pale Skin
All of the NYX blushes have such a soft and creamy texture which allow them to blend beautifully into the skin, with Taupe being no different. The powder blushes are all extremely pigmented too, so a light hand is necessary.. meaning that their blushes last for such a long time.
NYX Taupe Powder Blush | The Ultimate Contouring Powder for Pale Skin
Taupe is completely matte although once applied it gives a slight, subtle glow to the skin. I can imagine Taupe being the perfect brow shade for those with blonde hair due to its cool tone. Whenever I use NYX Taupe to contour, I’m always wowed by the results. It gives such natural definition, and shadowing without looking at all fake.
It magically gives the impression of incredibly chiselled, lust-worthy cheekbones within seconds. I love to apply NYX Taupe with my Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush (review) into the hollows of my cheeks, and then the Crownbrush C441 to add a slight shadow to the sides of my nose, and along my jawbone and chin. Another way I love using this Taupe blush, is blended through my crease as my transition shade.. it makes my eyeshadow look so much more perfected.
It’s such a multi-use amazing product, that if you haven’t guessed.. I adore. I’ve never found such a perfect contouring powder, and I completely understand why NYX Taupe is so incredibly hyped. For £6 it’s genuinely amazing. Taupe isn’t as long wearing as Peach and Summer Peach, with it slightly fading throughout the day.. but is very much still present when I remove my makeup at the end of the day.
You can buy NYX directly from the UK NYX website, although shipping is very pricey at £4.50. I prefer to buy my NYX products from 123 Hair and Beauty, as they offer free shipping on all UK orders with no minimum spend. Plus NYX have started to stock their products within larger Next stores across the country too. I love the NYX blushes so much.. I definitely want to try more of their blush shades, particularly Angel and Rose Garden.