The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer Review / Swatches

5th February 2014

I bought this The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer as part of my huge The Body Shop haul back in October (post link), when I had a 50% off promo code. The Lightening Touch Concealer retails for £14 and is available in a choice of four shades; Light, Medium, Medium/Dark and Dark. I opted for 01 Light and delighted to be able to purchase it for just £7. 

The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer
The Body Shop Lightening Touch has the same format as the very popular YSL Touche Eclat, in that it’s a concealer pen with long bristles, that dispenses concealer through the bristles. I like how god quality this Lightening Touch feels with its silver, shiny metal casing.
To dispense the concealer it takes several twists of base section, which clicks with each twist. The Body Shop describe their Lightening Touch concealer as a “light-diffusing liquid concealer that works brilliantly on undereye shadows and imperfections” as well as masking fine lines.
The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer
When I first swatched the The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer, I was taken aback by how salmon pink it appeared against my very pale skin and assume it was much too dark for me. However once I’d applied it under my eyes, the bright salmon pink seemed to just dissipate into my skin without adding any colour to my under eye area.
Initially I drew just a stripe under both eyes, but I’ve found that to not make any difference to my under eye circles and/or darkness. To apply the concealer now, I draw a triangle under both eyes, and draw a small stripe under my brow.
The brush on the Lightening Touch pen doesn’t blend the concealer in at all, so I love to use my new favourite makeup brush; the Crownbrush C456 Pointed Blender Brush which blends the concealer in effortlessly without leaving any unsightly brush strokes. I always like to apply it under my eyes, and above my crease where I tend to have an uneven skintone as this Lightening Touch works wonders at cancelling out any redness or dark veins for a perfect canvas before applying eyeshadow.
The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer

The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer – Swatches

The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer
If you have dry skin like I do, I’d highly recommend applying an eye cream prior to applying this concealer as it can highlight any dry patches and the eye cream aids application too. When I use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer or NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, I’ve found that they tend to crease or gather in my fine lines.
However with the Lightening Touch, I’ve not experienced any creasing or movement of the concealer after application. I like that there’s no detectable shimmer particles within the concealer, and looks really quite natural on the skin. I really didn’t think 01 would be a good shade match as I really struggle with finding pale enough base products but it’s perfect so if you’re a similar skintone I’d really recommend giving this shade a try.
The concealer does have quite a strong perfumed scent which I find rather odd for a concealer, but thankfully the scent does disappear once the concealer has been blended in.. but it’s something to note if your skin is very sensitive to perfumed products. Overall I’m so impressed with the The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer. It works a treat at hiding any darkness or circles to make the skin look perfected. I would happily pay the £14 full price once this runs out as it’s the best undereye concealer I’ve discovered so far.
The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer Review / Swatches 1
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