Birchbox April 2014 | Contents & First Impressions

15th April 2014

I was really excited when my Birchbox April 2014 box dropped through my letter box the other day, as I’d seen a couple of cheeky spoilers on Instagram so I was eager to see what goodies were lurking within my box. If you’re new to the whole beauty box concept, for £12.95* Birchbox will send you a box containing a selection of surprise products which typically are generous samples, but occasionally are full size.

Birchbox April 2014 Contents & First Impressions...
It’s a great way to be able to try new brands, and products that you’d not normally try and discover some new favourites along the way. If you try one your samples and fall head over heels, you can purchase the full size from the Birchbox Shop and get free delivery on your purchase should you order be over £10 which is unique to any other beauty box subscriptions which is fab. Let’s see what’s inside the Birchbox April 2014 edit..
Birchbox April 2014 Contents & First Impressions...

Birchbox always have a ‘theme’ for their boxes and their contents, and this month’s Birchbox April 2014 theme is “Good Enough to Eat”…..

Birchbox April 2014 Contents & First Impressions...
Birchbox April 2014 Contents & First Impressions...
As soon as I opened my Birchbox April 2014 edit bag, and saw there was a theBalm product inside, I was very happy indeed. I’ve never tried anything from theBalm, but I have a long wishlist of products I’m dying to try like the Mary Lou-Manizer and Nude Tude Palette.
The product is a sample size of theBalm’s How ’bout Them Apples Cheek & Lip Cream Palette, which is one of theBalm’s more recent releases. The full size palette retails for £26 and contains 6 different cheek and lip creams. This sample is adorably small, around the size of a small box of matches and contains one small, circular 0.57g pan of one of the six creams.
I’m not sure if the shades differ from box to box, but I received ‘Pie’ which is a super pretty red. The texture is really creamy, and the pigmentation is amazing.. once you’ve blended it into the cheek or lips, it’s not going anywhere. I love cream blushes so I was very happy to see this sample within my box, and this minute size would be perfect for a makeup bag.
Birchbox April 2014 Contents & First Impressions...
Birchbox April 2014 Contents & First Impressions...
Next up in the Birchbox April 2014 edit we have another adorable miniature sized product, this time it’s the Lord & Berry Couture Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in the shade black. I have tried a few Lord & Berry products so far, and I’ve been happy with everything I’ve tried. I love eyeliner, and use a pencil liner in my waterline everyday to give my mole-like eyes, some much needed definition.
This liner is really creamy and smooth to apply with no pulling or scratching of the skin. The pigmentation is pretty good, but it’s not as intensely pigmented as my favourite Urban Decay Perversion Pencil liner.. I’d compare it to Urban Decay’s Zero, which is a little less dramatic. I was really impressed by its staying power considering how creamy it is, with it lasting for 2-3 hours within the waterline. The full size of this pencil retails at £10, but just like the aforementioned theBalm cheek and lip cream, this sized eyeliner is so handy to have within your makeup bag.. especially one that’s long lasting like this.
Birchbox April 2014 Contents & First Impressions...
Birchbox April 2014 Contents & First Impressions...
I was very excited to see that Birchbox had included a Color Club Nail Polish within my box, as I’ve never tried Color Club polishes before. The polish is a 7ml size, and is one shade from the four that make up the Color Club Gala’s Gems Collection – the full set can be purchased from the Birchbox Shop for £15.
The shade I received is definitely my favourite from the foursome and is ‘Aquamarine Azulino’ which is described as being a pearly sky blue with a hint of shimmer, but for me I’d describe it as being a pearlised spearmint shade.
It applies beautifully with two thin coats, and looks so pretty on the nails.. it reminds me of the Barry M Silk Nail Paints collection, only much prettier. I’m so happy I’ve finally been able to try a Color Club Nail Polish, as they’re always raved about so often. The Color Club Gala’s Gems Collection is said to be inspired by the retro lacquers of the 70’s and 80’s with a luxe pearl finish.
Birchbox April 2014 Contents & First Impressions...
The next product is a travel packet of 10 Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes. The anti-facewipe police will probably recoil in disgust at receiving these within their box, but I like using face wipes to remove the bulk of my makeup before using a cleanser. Yes to Cucumbers use organic cucumbers, packed with rejuvenating vitamins that help to cool and soothe the skin.
They also contain the anti-inflammatory green tea extract to improve the general health of the skin too, as well as super-moisturising Aloe Vera. I can imagine these face wipes being amazingly soothing, and cooling – just like cucumber slices are. I’m going to keep this packet of wipes for when my hayfever takes effect, as they’re going to be a godsend at cooling my eyes and reducing the inflammation caused by the pesky pollen.
I like that the full size packet of 30 £4.99 has a plastic ‘door’ which helps to keep the wipes moist, and I love the cucumber design on the packet too. These wipes are hypoallergenic so are great for those with sensitive skin and eyes.. they’re also Paraben free and contain 95% natural ingredients too.
Birchbox April 2014 Contents & First Impressions...
This is my favourite product within my Birchbox April 2014 box… the Laura Mercier Ambré Vanillé Soufflé Body Cremè. I’ve never tried any of the Laura Mercier Bath & Body range, but so many people sing its praises. This tube contains a generous 25ml of product, which you can even smell through the plastic, it’s that heavily scented.
I adore vanilla scented products so I knew this was going to be heavenly, but oh my… it smells out of this world. It smells like sugary, vanilla cookies or cupcakes.. almost as if it’s edible – definitely the most amazing body cream scent I’ve smelt. I expected the texture to be quite thick and rich as it’s called a Soufflé but it’s surprisingly, very lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky either, so there’s no waiting round needed after application, before getting dressed.
It leaves my skin feeling so moisturised and soft and the incredible scent lasts nearly all day, which is virtually unheard of for a body cream. I so didn’t want to fall in love with this body cream, seeing as it has a £44.50 price tag, but without a doubt, I will be purchasing the full size – it’s out of this world.
Birchbox April 2014 Contents & First Impressions...
The ‘Lifestyle Extra‘ for April is an 8g packet of Propercorn’s Sweet Coconut & Vanilla Popcorn, which fits in very nicely with the April theme, and the vanilla scented Laura Mercier body cream. I’ve not tried it yet as I’m waiting for my next sugar craving, but if it tastes anything as good as it sounds, I’m sure I’m going to love it.
I seriously loved the Birchbox April 2014 edit, and couldn’t believe we had theBalm, Laura Mercier and Color Club within it. I’ve seen a couple of grumbles about not being happy on not receiving any full size products, but for me, I’d much rather receive five pretty amazing sample sizes that I know I’ll use, rather than 4 average samples and one full sized product I’m not particularly impressed with.
I think the theme fitted in nicely with the products in the Birchbox April 2014 edit except I’m not too sure how the Lord & Berry Liner fitted in, but everything was ‘food’ inspired which I love. I think the £12.95 price is worth it alone for the amazing Laura Mercier Body Soufflé, and the Color Club polishes are just so perfect for Spring.
Birchbox April 2014 | Contents & First Impressions 1
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