Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set Review

Mehron is a brand I’ve never tried before, but one I’ve heard mentioned in a few YouTube video’s. Mehron are a brand which specialise in performance makeup, which obviously isn’t something I have the need for. Although the majority of their products are more appropriate for makeup artists and such, they do have some standard lines too and are now being sold at Beauty Chamber. One of the items available on Beauty Chamber, is the Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set which is incredibly affordable at only £6.85*.

Close up image of the makeup brush pouch containing the brushes
Image of the brush pouch open with the brushes inside
The Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set includes a black pouch with a popper fastener to hold the six brushes inside. The pouch feels so light, even with the brushes so it really is ideal for travel as it’s seriously compact and lightweight. The pouch has good padding to it, to protect the brushes and help them keep their shape and each of the brushes are individually wrapped in protective, plastic packets.
There is a large, rather unsightly Mehron Makeup sticker on the front of the pouch, however I did try to peel it off, and it wouldn’t come off so fingers crossed it won’t become tattered and worn over time. What I will say though in its defence, I’d much prefer to pay its very low £6.85 price with the brands name stickered on the front rather than have a much more elevated price with the brands name printed.

Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set Review

Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set
Each of the six brushes within the set are 12cm long, so they’re nice and compact but not fiddly so, that makeup application is difficult. They feel very comfortable in the hand, and the bristles are full sized, so it’s only the handles which have been scaled down.
The brushes have matte, black, plastic handles and silver, metal ferrules. The ferrules feel pretty secure on the brushes, and I’ve not experienced any shedding whatsoever. The set includes five brushes, and one sponge tip-applicator ‘brush’.. none of the brushes are individually named.
There is no mention on the Mehron website on whether the bristles on these brushes are natural or synthetic, but I’m pretty confident that they are in fact natural bristles.
Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set
The first brush within the Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set is a squared, fluffy brush that works well as an all over the lid brush. I like how fluffy it is, and that it’s not too dense and stiff so it has a lot of movement which is exactly what I want when applying my base shadows.
The bristles are soft (but not the softest) and can be also used for blending eyeshadow and concealer.
Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set
Next up within the Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set, we have a powder brush with dome shaped bristles. The bristles are a little scratchy if I’m honest, however for a travel brush that isn’t going to be used all the time, I really don’t think it matters.
It can be used to apply and blend powder, or even to apply blush or bronzer so it’s a good multi-use brush, which is exactly what you want from a travel set of brushes. I don’t think it’d work very well at applying powder foundation, as the bristles aren’t dense enough, but that’s the only thing this brush couldn’t do.
Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set
The next ‘brush’ int he set is a sponge applicator. Since discovering makeup brushes, I’ve not used a sponge applicator to apply my eyeshadow since I was about 15. Although it might not perform well at applying shadow, it could be used to smudge shadow or liner along the lash lines or to press shadow or pigment onto the lid to reduce fall out.
Sponge tip applicators are good for one thing though.. swatches! If you’re a beauty blogger, never throw them away as they’re brilliant for doing makeup swatches.
Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set
The next brush is my favourite from the set, and is a soft, rounded, fluffy brush. I really love how soft this brush is, and how well it applies and blends shadow. It can be used to sweep shadow across the lid by using the flat side, or add a darker colour into the crease for definition by using the tip of the bristles.
I’ve also liked using this brush to apply my browbone highlight.
Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set
This brush has angled bristles, which are rounded, dense and quite stiff like a stipple brush. It can be used to blend shadow.. although it’s a little bit too big to fit within the crease of my eye. The best use I’ve found for this brush is to blend concealer, which is great if you need to touch-up during the day
Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set
The final brush within the Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set is a liner type brush. The bristles are a touch flimsy, which does make gel liner application difficult. However it works better with shadow being smudged along the lash line or pressed into the lashes.
This brush can also be used as a lip brush to line and/or fill in the lips or for precision concealing too. I prefer to use it as a lip brush, as it’s a good size but still allows for precision.
Overall the Mehron 6 Piece Travel Makeup Brush Set really is a fantastic, affordable yet practical little set of brushes. I can’t believe this set of 6, and the pouch is only £6.85. I think this is such a great set to own as it’s so compact and weighs hardly anything so you can leave your more expensive full size brushes safely at home.
I know that Real Techniques are launching a set of three travel sized brushes this year for £9.99, which I think is really expensive compared to this set of 6 for under £7 and they really are great quality too. Often with travel kits, you compromise on quality.. but these brushes perform just as effectively as the full sized equivalents would.
Even if you don’t travel, I think every girl should own a set like this to carry around in their handbag, it’s just brilliant and so handy for any makeup mishaps or desk-to-dancefloor (cringe) situations.

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