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NYX Enchanted Kiss Butter Gloss Set; Merengue, Crème Brûlée and Apple Strudel

I’ve been dying to try the NYX Butter Glosses for so long, as I’ve read so many rave reviews. Whilst placing an order on the NYX UK website, I noticed they had two different Butter Gloss sets; each containing three of their Butter Glosses – Enchanted Kiss and Sweet Temptations. I opted for NYX Enchanted Kiss as it contained a pink, coral and nude which are my three most worn lip colours, so I know I’d get a lot of wear out of them. Each set retails for £11 which is pretty good value considering they cost £5 each. Although annoyingly, both of the sets contain Apple Strudel which is going to stop people buying both sets.. if they’d been three different shades, then I’d definitely have bought Sweet Temptations too in addition to NYX Enchanted Kiss.

Close up image of the three NYX lip glosses
NYX Enchanted Kiss Butter Gloss Set; Merengue, Crème Brûlée and Apple Strudel
NYX Enchanted Kiss Butter Gloss Set; Merengue, Crème Brûlée and Apple Strudel
NYX’s Enchanted Kiss Set includes Merengue, Crème Brûlée and Apple Strudel. NYX describe their Butter Glosses as having a rich, creamy and buttery texture which apply easily for sheer to medium coverage without being at all sticky. In every review I’ve read, the Butter Glosses have been praised for their amazing scents which made me want to try them even more, as I have the NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige and it smells identical to Cherry Drops.
NYX Enchanted Kiss Butter Gloss Set; Merengue, Crème Brûlée and Apple Strudel
NYX Enchanted Kiss Butter Gloss Set; Merengue, Crème Brûlée and Apple Strudel
Each of the NYX Butter Glosses are colour coded to represent the colour inside which I love and contain 8ml of product each. The applicator is a typical doe-foot, which works well at applying the gloss evenly, but I find that it does carry a little too much product, so I like to scrape off some of the excess gloss before applying it to my lips, to stop it becoming gloopy.
All three of the NYX Butter Glosses really do smell incredible.. just like vanilla cupcakes, and much more delicious than MAC Lipsticks. Although the heavenly scent does dissipate after around five minutes. Whenever I apply the Butter Glosses, they feel so comfortable and hydrating. They do apply quite patchily, so I usually like to use my little finger to smooth the gloss out slightly.
The only negative for me with the NYX Butter Glosses, is that they’re not at all long wearing.  They fade gradually, and have disappeared from my lips within an hour if I’ve applied it to bare lips. If I apply it over a lipstick, then the longevity is improved only slightly.. at around an hour and a half, and they don’t last at all through eating and drinking. However, they’re so easy to apply, and the iramazing scent means I really don’t mind reapplying them.

NYX Enchanted Kiss Butter Gloss Swatches

SWATCHES of the Merengue, Crème Brûlée and Apple Strudel Butter Glosses
Merengue: a milky pale pink which looks a little lavender in some lights. It doesn’t give my lips very much colour, but it does make them look very glossy and plump. I have quite pale lips and only see a little colour with Merengue, so if you have more pigmented lips, then I think you’d struggle to see any colour. I still really love this shade, nonetheless… it looks so pretty. NYX Merengue reminds me of a sheer gloss version of MAC’s Lavender Whip lipstick.
Crème Brûlée: is a nude beige, which works with every single makeup look. I love using Crème Brûlée over any lipstick colour as it lightens it just slightly without adding any colour. This shade looks amazing when teamed with a smokey eye as it just enhances my natural lips. It’s the sheerest shade from the trio, but quite possibly my favourite as it’s so versatile.
Apple Strudel: is the perfect peachy coral shade, and offers the best colour pay off from the set. When worn alone it gives a sheer peachy wash of colour to the lips which just looks so pretty. I like applying Apple Strudel over nude, pink or coral lipsticks as it transforms the lipstick shade. I do find that Apple Strudel is a little more gloopy, and sticky compared to the other two but not enough to put me off wearing it.
I love these NYX Butter Gloss lipglosses in the NYX Enchanted Kiss set, they really are worth the hype and I’m already eyeing up the shades I want to get next, although the UK shade selection of 12 is ridiculous compared to that in the US as they have 22 shades so a Cherry Culture order will be happening soon. Plus they’re only £2.99 each there, and £5 each in the UK which is pretty poor.

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