ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Topcoat Review / Swatches

3rd April 2014

When it comes to nail polish, I always used my OPI Matte Nail Envy as a base coat and then Seche Vite as my top coat. Seche Vite has been my holy grail topcoat for nearly 18 months, as I love how amazingly quick it dries my polish, and the glass-like shine it gives my nails. However over the last few months, I’ve been falling out of love with Seche Vite and have been on the lookout for a replacement. I really hate how quickly Seche Vite becomes gloopy, with the bottle I am currently using, already becoming gloopy when it’s not even half way through which is pretty poor. I’m also getting a little frustrated with how whole nails of polish are just peeling off randomly, even after just a couple of hours of application. I’ve also become a little more aware of the health warnings on Seche Vite and the ‘risk of birth defects or reproductive harm’.. which regardless of whether it’s true or not, is pretty alarming and something I don’t want to have on my nails every single day so I decided to try ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Topcoat after reading many rave reviews.

Image of the glossy nail polish top coat in the box
ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Topcoat Review / Swatches
So I was on the search for an effective, super glossy, ‘safe’ topcoat which would prolong the wear of my nail polish… one that didn’t become virtually unusable within a couple of weeks. The ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Topcoat £10.90* ticks all of those boxes and more. ORLY Glosser is described as super high-shine top coat, that has been infused with ORLY’s exclusive shine enhancer complex, and is the only topcoat to contain polyester for an high shine finish.
ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Topcoat Review / Swatches
Not only does ORLY Glosser claim to give your nails sparkle and shine, it also promises to make your nail polish last longer. Just like all of the ORLY range, the ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Topcoat is free from the ‘nasties’ DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde.

ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Topcoat Review / Swatches 

ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Topcoat Review / Swatches
I love how big the bottle is for £10.90 – 18ml is such a generous size, and the bottle comes with a rubberised handle which is perfect for added grip. The brush is fairly narrow, although it doesn’t effect the application and still applies so smoothly without any gloopiness.
ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Top Coat doesn’t make any claims to be a quick-drying topcoat which is the only downside for me, as I love the convenience of how quickly Seche Vite dries. It depends on how many coats of polish you have underneath Glosser, on how quickly it dries but I’ve found it to be touch dry in about ten minutes on two coats of polish.
Up close image of the ORLY top coat on the nails
ORLY Glosser really is a fantastic high-shine top coat, and leaves my nails looking almost wet.. they’re that shiny. I didn’t think it was possible for another topcoat to be shinier than Seche Vite, but Glosser really is shinier. What I increasingly started to notice with Seche Vite, was how it would change the colour of my polish underneath.. but ORLY Glosser doesn’t change the colour of the polish, which I love. If anything, I find that my coloured polishes look a little more vibrant, which I’ve really noticed with my neon polishes.
Not only is ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Topcoat a gorgeously glossy topcoat, that enhances the colours of my polishes, it’s also amazing at prolonging my polish. With Seche Vite, I’d often notice chips within two days, but with ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Topcoat I’ve remain chip free for at least seven days which I’m extremely happy with as I usually change my polish two to three times a week anyway.
I’m just so impressed with this top coat, and how effective it is. I really like that it’s a lot more nail-friendly, and doesn’t smell particularly toxic either. I would really recommend this topcoat if you’re on the lookout for a new one.. it’s definitely knocked Seche Vite off my Holy Grail Topcoat hotspot.
ORLY Glosser Super High Shine Topcoat Review / Swatches 1
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