GOSH Beige Forever Metallic Eye Shadow Stick

19th May 2014

When it comes to eyeshadow, I really like the convenience of using eyeshadow pencils. They’re so easy to apply and blend out, and give the appearance that you’ve put a lot more effort into your eye makeup, when really, it’s only taken you a matter of seconds. All the makeup brands seem to be jumping on the eyeshadow crayon bandwagon, just like they did with the lip crayons, with GOSH being the most recent to launch a collection of eyeshadow crayons. There are eight different shades of the GOSH Forever Metallic Eye Shadow Sticks, each retailing for £5.99 and I chose the shade; GOSH Beige Forever.

GOSH 'Beige' Forever Metallic Eye Shadow Stick
Close up of the GOSH eyeshadow pencil

GOSH Beige Forever Metallic Eye Shadow Stick

GOSH Beige Forever Metallic Eye Shadow Stick SWATCHES
They claim to have a metallic effect, and are a 2 in 1 so they can be used as both an eyeshadow and as an eyeliner. GOSH also describe them as being long-lasting as well as paraben and perfume free. From the eight shades, I chose the second; GOSH Beige Forever as none of the other seven shades really appealed.
The packaging is nice, with the outer barrel being the same colour as the crayon inside, with a metallic finish. It has a twist-up base, so there’s no need to sharpen as it can be twisted up. The Shadow Stick is so creamy and pigmented in just one swipe, and can be built up easily too. With a light application, when blended, Beige is a subtle but sparkly nude shade.. but by building it up, Beige looks a little more golden and a little less sparkly. I actually much prefer the effect a lighter application gives, as it looks prettier.
Once applied to the skin, the shadow can be blended and worked with for a good 30 seconds before it begins to dry down, after which, it’s impossible to blend and stays put for hours upon hours – It definitely lives upto its long-lasting claim. Overall I do like this new GOSH Forever Metallic Eye Shadow Stick, but there’s just nothing about it which is unique, or special or makes it stand out amongst the many other eyeshadow crayons I own to make me want to purchase another shade. For £5.99 it’s nearly £2 more expensive than the likes of Barry M, Rimmel and Seventeen but its staying power is still impressive, nonetheless.
GOSH Beige Forever Metallic Eye Shadow Stick 1
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