Beauty UK Chelsea Lipstick | The £3.49 MAC Myth Dupe

Beauty UK Cosmetics is a makeup brand which is available to buy from Superdrug stores, the Superdrug website or the Beauty UK website. I’ve tried a few of their products so far, and have been genuinely impressed with everything I’ve tried so I decided I wanted to try their lipsticks. The Beauty UK Lipsticks are just £3.49 each and are available in 17 shades which even includes a black. I opted for Chelsea which is shade 12, and is described by Beauty UK as a ‘nude’ and I’m a massive nude lipstick fan. The packaging is very plain but functional, with matte black plastic casing, and a clear top to show the colour of the lipstick inside, which reminds me of the MUA £1 lipsticks.

Image of the Chelsea lipstick
MAC Myth Dupe review
Beauty UK 'Chelsea' Lipstick | The £3.49 MAC Myth Dupe
Beauty UK 'Chelsea' Lipstick | The £3.49 MAC Myth Dupe

Beauty UK Chelsea Lipstick Swatches

Beauty UK 'Chelsea' Lipstick | The £3.49 MAC Myth Dupe
The lipstick has a subtle minty scent which has a cooling, tingly sensation when applied to the lips which I don’t really like. I prefer not being able to feel my lipsticks once on the lips, but with this lipstick, I can feel the tingling sensation for the whole time it’s on my lips. The formula of the lipstick is very, very creamy… creamier than the MAC Cremesheen formula, and feels quite moisturising upon the lips with a pretty gloss-like shine.
Due to its very creamy formula, it’s extremely unforgiving on the lips and has the tendency to settle in every line and cling to any dry patches so intensive lip preparation is a huge must prior to applying this lipstick. I like to use my delicious Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, followed by applying a very light layer of my Nivea Caramel Creme Lip Butter to prep my lips.
Once I’ve prepped my lips, this lipstick looks so pretty although it does wear away quite quickly in the centre of my lips through talking so I make sure I press my lips together occasionally to ensure my lipstick stays as even as possible. The wear time isn’t outstanding, but lipsticks with a creamy formula like this never are.. with top-up’s needed after two hours wear.
In terms of shade, Chelsea is a very pale nude which can look very concealer lip-esque so a light hand is recommended unless you like the mannequin lip look. After applying Chelsea for the first time, I instantly noticed how extremely similar in shade it is to MAC’s Myth lipstick. I don’t own MAC Myth as I felt like it would be way too pale for my ridiculously pale skin, but this would be the perfect experiment lipstick to buy to try to see if it suits you before purchasing MAC Myth.
I don’t think MAC Myth or this Beauty UK Chelsea lipstick are particularly flattering against my porcelain skintone. However all is not lost, as it’s the ideal lipstick to use over the top of other shades, that you might want to lighten or give a more pastel appearance to. I think £3.49 is a great price for this lipstick, and I’d love to try a more pinkier or peach shade but if you love pale nude lips then definitely give Beauty UK Chelsea a try.. it’s such a bargain.

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