MUA Lipsticks Review; Flamingo, Persian Rose, Tulip and Raven

When I noticed that MUA had launched lots of new products on their website, I couldn’t help myself from ordering a selection of the new releases (haul here). There are four new MUA Lipstick shades and I bought all four as they’re only £1 each which is amazing value. The four shades I bought were; Flamingo, Raven, Persian Rose and Tulip. I own a fair few shades from the MUA Lipsticks £1 range and I’ve always been really impressed with their pigmentation, consistency and longevity so I had high hopes for my four new additions.

MUA Lipsticks Review; Flamingo, Persian Rose, Tulip and Raven
MUA Lipsticks Review; Flamingo, Persian Rose, Tulip and Raven

MUA Lipsticks Swatches

Swatch photo of Flaming, Raven, Persian Rose and Tulip
The packaging is very basic which is expected considering how affordable they are. Although I don’t like how lose the lids are as they come off easily so they’re not suitable for throwing into your handbag. Each of the lipsticks have a removable base with the lipstick shade in. I’m not entirely sure why they have this, but they do. The MUA Lipsticks have a plastic scent to them which is quite strong but luckily you can’t smell the unpleasant scent once they’re on the lips.
Flamingo is a matte, blue toned bright pastel pink and is very, very similar in shade to MAC’s Saint Germain Lipstick. Unfortunately Flamingo snapped the very first time I used it which is pretty annoying, but it’s probably down to how chalky and dry it is.. it’s really hard to apply as the lipstick doesn’t glide across the lip. It clings to every single line in the lips, and looks awful even when applied to exfoliated lips.
Raven is a black lipstick.. with an amazingly creamy texture that reminds me of a MAC Cremesheen lipstick. It applies so easily and it’s pretty forgiving on the lips considering it’s such a stark shade. I’m not entirely sure why I bought this shade, but for £1 I figured it might be handy come Halloween. The formula of this lipstick is so nice and massively better than Flamingo.. and it stains the lips for hours once the sheen has worn away.
Persian Rose is a very bright pink with a lovely creamy texture just like Raven. It applies like a dream, and feels so smooth on the lips. The pigmentation of Persian Rose is amazing with only one sweep needed for perfect, opaque colour. The finish of Persian Rose is so shiny that it almost looks as if I’m wearing a gloss layered over the top. I can’t rave about this shade enough.. it’s pretty, it’s pigmented, it’s glossy, it’s comfortable and it leaves a slight pink tint to the lips similar to how Raven does which is impressive for only £1.
Tulip is amazingly similar to MAC Creme Cup Lipstick. It’s a gorgeous blue toned medium pink with a satin finish. I’ve been searching for a drugstore dupe of Creme Cup and this is definitely the best I’ve found so far. I love the shade and pigmentation although it wears away very quickly sadly in less than an hour but considering how affordable it is, I don’t mind reapplying throughout the day.
I would definitely recommend giving Flamingo a wide berth as it’s awful but the MUA Lipsticks in Raven, Persian Rose and Tulip are all really impressive.. even if they were £5 each, I’d still be very impressed so the fact they’re only £1 is just amazing.

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