Sigma Steady Glow Lip Vex Collection Review / Swatches

Sigma’s newest collection is their Steady Glow Collection which comprises of an eyeshadow palette, three inner rim brighteners, five loose shimmers, three shimmer creams and five lip vex’s.

The Lip Vex five strong collection was designed by Sigma to compliment any makeup look, and all five Lip Vex’s are paraben free and are described as being opaque with a smooth and creamy finish. I already own six of the Sigma lipglosses from the Enlight and Born To Be collections so I was interested to see how the Sigma Steady Glow Lip Vex formula differed to their ordinary lip glosses. The whole Sigma Steady Glow Collection is available to purchase from Beauty Chamber.

Sigma Steady Glow Lip Vex Collection Review / Swatches

Each of the Sigma Lip Vex glosses have the same sleek packaging as their glosses, with a clear tube to see the shade of the gloss inside with holographic writing which really catches the light. The lids are matte black, and the applicator is a small thick brush which I really like as it distributes the gloss evenly across the lips and offers more precision than a doe-foot applicator. The brush applicator also allows you to apply over a lipstick without smudging or effecting the lipstick underneath.

Image showing the individual names on the bottom of each lip gloss tube

Sigma Steady Glow Lip Vex Collection Review / Swatches

Swatch image of Vivid, Dazzling, Skinny Dip, Steady Glow and Chill Out lip glosses

The five gorgeous Sigma Lip Vex shades are; Vivid, Dazzling, Skinny Dip, Steady Glow and Chill Out, and each gloss differs in shade and finish and retail for just £8.95* each which I think is really good value when you compare them to the price of the MAC glosses.

Vivid is described as a watermelon shade with a satin finish. Vivid is a bright corally red which has good pigmentation, but is ever so slightly sheerer than the other four shades. Vivid doesn’t contain any shimmer or glitter, and has a lovely creamy finish.

Dazzling is described as an ultra shimmer light bronze with a glitter finish. When I saw Dazzling in the tube, I didn’t think it was a shade I’d be able to pull off, however when I swatched it, I really fell in love with it. It’s a light bronze gloss base, that contains lots of silver and bronze glitter and shimmer particles. Even though Dazzling is packed with glitter, it doesn’t feel gritty on the lips which is really surprising. I’d never wear Dazzling as opaque as this swatch, but it looks so pretty when worn sheerly alone or over another lipstick. I’ve never seen a gloss shade like this one before, it’s truly unique.

Skinny Dip is described as being a papaya smoothie shade with an opaque finish. I’d describe Skinny Dip as being a bright tangerine cream, and it really is impressively opaque. This is my favourite shade from the five as I love corals and oranges, and Skinny Dip looks so pretty when teamed with a coral lipstick, however due to its opacity it resembles more of a liquid lipstick than a gloss. This is such a pretty shade for summer.. I love it so much.

Steady Glow is described as being a soft tangerine with a shimmer finish. I think Steady Glow is more of a copper shade and it contains a golden shimmer which is very pretty. This is such an autumn/fall appropriate shade and reminds me of the colour of the changing leaves. Steady Glow is particularly pretty layered over a nude lipstick. If you already own Sigma’s Get Ready Lip Gloss, you might want to skip Steady Glow as they’re almost identical.

Chill Out is described as being a cool bubblegum pink with an opaque finish. I agree with the description completely.. it’s such a gorgeous pink gloss, I’ve never seen a pink gloss as opaque, vivid and pigmented as Chill Out. I’m not sure I can pull off wearing Chill Out alone as it’s a little too Nicki Minaj for my liking, however it is the perfect gloss for any pink lipstick as it can be sheered out nicely and adds such an amazing mirror like gloss to the lips.

All five Sigma Lip Vex glosses have an amazing, non-sticky formula. They have the slightest amount of ‘tack’ to them which helps them adhere to the lips so they’re considerably long lasting. They have a subtle vanilla scent to them which I really like, and I genuinely love all five shades.

not entirely convinced by the Lip Vex name for this singular collection, as the formula is identical to their ordinary lip glosses, but they’re definitely gorgeous glosses. I think £8.95 is such good value for glosses of this quality and I’d really recommend trying the Sigma Steady Glow glosses out if you favour non-sticky, long lasting, pretty glosses.

Which is your favourite Sigma Steady Glow shade?

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