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Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers Review

Toni & Guy have recently launched their new Salon Professional range, which consists of a selection of hair styling tools that have all been used backstage at London Fashion Shows and all have salon tested professional performance. The Toni & Guy Salon Professional range includes the Professional Flawless Finish Straightener, the Professional AC Compact Dryer and the Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers and all of which will be available from Very, Boots and Argos.

Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers Review

I’ve been trialing the new Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers £60* for the last few weeks, and I’m very impressed. I already own the Enrapture Extremity Rollers but I find that the curls barely last an hour, no matter what hairspray or method I use. The Extreme Volume Rollers set includes 10 rollers; 4 large and 6 medium, however you can purchase an additional set of 4 large rollers which I think is an amazing idea especially as my hair is so long.

Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers Review
Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers Review

The Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers are contained with a clear lidded plastic case which heats the the rollers up.. I really like how compact and lightweight the case is compared to the Enrapture Extremity Rollers as it’s so much easier to store and wouldn’t take up too much room if you wanted to take them with you on a weekend away.

They’re very quick and easy to use… simply plug them in, and turn them on by sliding the power switch, and the rollers heat up in less than two minutes so there’s no awkward waiting around whilst they heat up.

Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers Review
Image showing the flocked finish to the two different sizes of the heated hair rollers

Inside the Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers case, the ten rollers are positioned over metal bars which heat the rollers up, and each roller has a deep groove to slot over the metal bars. Each of the ten rollers are flocked with a velvet material which is designed to protect your hair colour, as well as helping you wind your hair around each roller.

Once you take a roller from the case, it’s understandably quite hot but the flocked barrel allows you to hold the roller comfortably. The medium rollers are 25mm each and the large rollers are 38mm.. Toni & Guy recommend using the large rollers along the roots of your hair for added lift and volume and have created a short tutorial video to help with placement of the rollers, which I found really quite handy. Each of the rollers come complete with a large butterfly clip to help secure the rollers in the hair.

Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers Review

Close up image of one of the roller clips to show the metal pads to retain the heat of the roller

The Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers have a duo heat technology where they’re heated up from the core and each of the butterfly clips have unique metal plates within them to lock the curls in place from heating the hair from the outside. The video tutorial will explain where to place the rollers a lot better than I ever could.

However to use the rollers, I section the top half of my hair away from the rest of my hair as this is where I use the large rollers and the bottom section of my hair is where I use the medium sized rollers. For each roller, it’s recommend to use a section of hair no wider than the roller and then curl the ends of your hair around the roller and then roll the roller up towards your head and once you’re at the roots place the clip over the roller to secure it in place.

Sometimes because my hair is quite long so I sometimes prefer to just curl the mid-lengths to ends, so I only roll the roller up to my ears instead of the roots. I love how versatile the rollers are in that you could just use rollers along your crown if you’re wanting some root lift, or you could just use them on the ends if you’d like more texture to your hair.

They’re incredibly easy to use.. they’re seriously fool proof, and it takes a matter of seconds to secure each roller.  Once you’ve positioned all of the Toni & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers, you need to leave them in place until they’ve fully cooled down which takes about 15 minutes which is the perfect oppurtunity to apply your makeup whilst you wait.

The removal of each roller is just as easy.. remove the clip and unwind the hair gently. To stop the curls from dropping, I like to use a flexible hold hairspray on each section of hair before using the roller and then again on the curled hair immediately after I’ve removed the roller.. and voila, gorgeous bouncy, voluminous curls!