Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection

Molton Brown is such a lovely, luxurious British bath and body company with such stunning gift sets on offer this Christmas. My favourite gift set has to be the Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection £42* which contains twelve travel sized products.

Close up of the twelve bottles of body wash and body lotions in the white gift boxImage showing the beautiful white gift box, with a pretty white ribbon and bow tied to the top

The Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection is packaged within a beautiful, large cream gift box complete with matching satin bow. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to unwrap this box come Christmas Day. Once the lid has been lifted, the box contains two rows of six Molton Brown products.
There are six different Molton Brown fragrances within the box, and for each of the fragrances there is a Body Wash and matching Nourishing Body Wash. What makes this gift set so special, is that there are three feminine scents and three masculine scents so this would be the most amazing gift for a couple as they could each have a set of six products, so it’s a gift that they could both enjoy.

Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection

Image of the Orange & Bergamot Body Wash and Lotion, and the Gingerlily Body Wash and Lotion
The first two scents within the collection are; Orange & Bergamot and Gingerlily.
Orange & Bergamot: This is a feminine scent, and the most subtle from the collection with a soft yet sweet scent. Sometimes citrus based scents can be quite overpowering, but this really isn’t as it’s more sweet orange than being a sharp citrus scent.
Gingerlily: I think this is more of a masculine scent, as it’s a spicy warm fragrance with ginger oil, tuberose and cedarwood which reminds me of an aftershave.
Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection
The next two fragrances within the collection are Pink Pepperpod and Templetree.
Pink Pepperpod: This is such an unique feminine scent.. I’ve never smelt anything like this before. It contains fiery pink pepperpod, ginger and rich patchouli to create a spicy, woody fragrance that really lasts on the skin and is perfect for Winter.
Templetree: This would work nicely equally for men or women. It contains jasmine, rose and sandalwood for a fresh, almost spa-like fragrance. Templetree doesn’t last on the skin as well as the other scents, but it’s still a lovely fragrance nonetheless.
Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection
The last two fragrances are Ylang Ylang, and Black Peppercorn.
Ylang Ylang: This is such a strong scent that leaves my whole bathroom filled with its aroma. This is another feminine fragrance containing ylang ylang, cardamom and musk which I find to be a really relaxing, calming scent that I love using before bed.
Black Peppercorn: This is my other half’s favourite shower gel of all time, so I was really happy to see the scent feature within this collection. Black Peppercorn is a very masculine scent with coriander, black peppercorn and vetiver for a spicy, peppery, warm scent that I just love whenever Rob wears it.
The Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection is an amazing gift set, and we’ve loved being able to try all of the different scents and discovering new favourites. The Body Washes work best when used with a shower puff to help encourage a generous, rich lather.
The Nourishing Body Lotions are on par with body butters in that they’re also rich, and melt into the skin leaving feeling silky smooth, beautifully scented and nourished. If you’ve never had the priviledge of trying Molton Brown before, I cannot recommend this collection enough as it’s such a great way to try lots of different fragrances and even though it costs £42, it’s actually worth £60 which is fantastic value.

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