NEOM Perfect Peace Christmas Candle

When it comes to festive candles, I tend to go for the more spicier, woodier fragrances which for me are synonymous with Christmas however when I first smelt the NEOM Perfect Peace Christmas Candle £32*, I fell in love. The Perfect Peace blend is unique to anything I’ve ever smelt before, and it contains Pine and Myrrh essential oils and Lime peel. Pine is said to have a cleansing effect on the mind, relieving any mental fatigue and instilling a sense of calm, whilst the myrrh is renowned for its relaxing qualities and is often used in meditation, and lime peel boasts uplifting and rejuvenating benefits to leave you feeling renewed and peaceful. Amazingly this candle has a burn time of 35 hours, and it contains upto 18mls of pure essential oils for the optimum therapeutic benefits.

NEOM Perfect Peace Christmas Candle
Unlock the Home of Happiness with our Perfect Peace Scented Candle. A sparkling blend of 25 pure essential oils including pine, myrrh & lime peel. Breathe deeply and feel your tension lifting away. Neom provide moments of wellbeing for everyone – through luxurious, 100% natural, therapeutic scents that make you feel good. Everyone’s moments of wellbeing are different, so we have products for every occasion, from instantly energising mists to luxurious candles for indulgent pampering evenings. We believe in purposeful luxury – supporting your mind, body and wellbeing. Neom. Scent to make you feel good.
NEOM Perfect Peace Christmas Candle
NEOM created the NEOM Perfect Peace Christmas Candle to create the atmosphere of a frost-kissed forest in winter, with the return to a warm festive home and I think they did an amazing job. Perfect Peace smells just like a freshly cut pine tree, with its fresh, almost zingy scented needles. It’s such a divine, clean scent which I think would appeal to men just as much as women. NEOM candles are simply exquisite in terms of packaging and fragrance.. I just love the frosted, silver glass jar and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying burning Perfect Peace on these bitterly cold Winter evenings.

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