Benefit High Brow Review and Swatches

I bought Benefit High Brow £18.50 after reading Laura from Laura Louise Makeup, rave about it in her amazing ‘Brows’ blog post and knew I needed it in my life and bought it straight after reading Laura’s post. Benefit have two different versions of High Brow; Linen Pink and Glow.

Image showing the brow highlighter pencil laying next to the pink box
Linen Pink is the original version which is more matte, whilst Glow is actually shimmery so after seeing Laura’s swatches, I bought the original Linen Pink £15.50. Benefit High Brow is an eyebrow lifting and enhancing pencil that is said to instantly add a lifted look to the entire eye area.
Close up image of the sharpened wooden brow pencil laying on a black plastic lid

To use High Brow, Benefit recommend ‘drawing’ along the base of your brow following the arch, and you can also use it on the top of your brows for a more noticeable lift.

High Brow is quite a thick wooden pencil, with a super creamy nib that glides across the skin easily without any tugging. I really like how soft the formula is as it doesn’t need any warming up before use although it’s not too soft that it crumbles.. it really is the perfect consistency.

Benefit High Brow Review and Swatches

Benefit High Brow Review and Swatches
Linen Pink is a soft, pale matte pink which claims to suit all skintones which I have to agree with as it’s very cool toned. I simply use the pencil and draw a line under each of my brows, and then I either use my fingertip or a soft blending brush like the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush to blend the pencil in which takes a matter of seconds.
The very first time I tried this pencil, I was so surprised by how much of a difference it makes to the brows. I have a an inch long scar on my forehead from an accident when I was younger, and my right brow is very, very slightly lower than my left brow which isn’t noticeable, but it is to me. This pencil is absolute magic.
It really does ‘lift’ the brows so I love using a little more underneath my right brow to help balance my brows. It’s such a subtle effect that looks so natural, but I hate the look of my brows when I don’t use this pencil as it makes them look so much more polished, and perfect.
I can’t believe how far this pencil goes either, as I find that I only need to sharpen it around every four weeks so it’s going to last for such a long time as you only need the tiniest amount per use. I would love to buy the Glow version now to give it a try as I’ve been so, so impressed by the original version. Benefit High Brow is definitely one of my favourite beauty discoveries this year, and it very nearly made the cut for my top products of 2014.. I’m so glad I tried it.

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