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Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette Review / Swatches

The Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette is one of Makeup Revolution’s most recent launches, which joins their other two Ultra Blush Palettes; Hot Spice and Sugar and Spice and cost just £6 each. The Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette contains six sizable pans of powder blushes, bronzers and one highlighter inside a large but slim, glossy black plastic palette with a mirror within the lid. 

Image showing the matte black box with rose gold foil writing
I really like how Makeup Revolution have set out this palette, although I do wish they’d named each individual shade like they do with their eyeshadow palettes.
Image of the glossy black plastic palette packaging
Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette Review / Swatches

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette Review / Swatches

Swatches of the first four blush and highlighter shades in the palette
1) The first shade in the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette is an icy white highlighter, which I thought may have been a little warm due to brown veining within the pan, but the brown doesn’t translate at all. This is a very metallic highlighter shade which can also be used as an eyeshadow.
2) Next we have a really pretty shimmery, light pink with strong pigmentation so I prefer to use a stippling brush. It’s very shimmery so I’d recommend a light hand if you have noticeably large pores.
3) I prefer the satin finish of this shade, as I find it to be more flattering but it’s slightly darker than shade two, due to the plum veining. I really like this shade, and it’s definitely my most worn shade from the palette.
4) I can’t get this shade to work for me as a blush or bronzer as it’s a very warm, orangey bronzer with a golden shimmer. I can however use it as an eyeshadow for when I want a bronze eyeshadow look, which I typically favour during the Summer.
Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette Review / Swatches
5) This shade has almost a satin finish… it’s a warm bronze that you could use as a bronzer if you like your bronzers to have a sheen. I think this would perhaps look really pretty during the Summer months.
6) Shade six is a super shimmery almost bronzy mauve shade which reminds me slightly of Benefit’s Dallas, minus the shimmer obviously. This is my favourite shade from the bottom row.
style=”clear: both; text-align: justify;”>7) Shade seven is a very orange copper which leans much too warm for my skintone, and is the only shade within the palette that I can’t pull off as a blush, bronzer or eyeshadow sadly.
8) I’ve seen a few bloggers mention in their reviews that this shade could be used for contouring, but as you can see from the swatch it’s a very muddy, terracotta shade which might work as a bronzer on those with deep skintones but it certainly doesn’t work as a contour shade as it’s much too orange. I might try and use it as eyeshadow crease shade, as it’s similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sienna Eyeshadow.
The quality of all eight shades is incredible.. they’re all extremely pigmented, silky and smooth with very little fallout which is just amazing for £6 as it works out at just 75 pence a blush/bronzer. I would say that the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette would be much better suited for those of you with warm undertones.
Personally, I prefer cooler toned blushes and bronzers so if you have a skintone similar to mine and these shades don’t appeal to you, I’d highly recommend their cooler toned Sugar and Spice Palette.

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