Birchbox February 2015 Contents and First Impressions

2nd February 2015

When I received a small Birchbox package on Friday, never for a moment did I think it was an actual Birchbox as it was half the depth of a normal box but sure enough, it was Birchbox February 2015 box £12.95*. Birchbox have introduced their new Slimbox which is much smaller than the normal Birchbox as it’s only 3.5cm depth compared to it’s 6cm depth previously. 

Birchbox February 2015 Contents and First Impressions
If you work full time and don’t have anyone at home to intercept your parcels, you’ve probably become accustomed to the dreaded ‘red card’, where you have to rearrange any missed deliveries. However, with the new slimline box.. it will fit through your letterbox which I think is fantastic.
Birchbox February 2015 Contents and First Impressions
Birchbox February 2015 Contents and First Impressions
If you’re fond of the bigger box, you can still continue to receive it but from the 2nd of February, you are now able to choose whether you’d like the classic size or the new slimline size.
If one of the samples doesn’t fit into the slimline box, Birchbox will include an alternative to make up for it and the value with exactly the same as the Classic box. If you’d like to read more about it or sign up to the new slimline, you can head to the Birchbox site here.
The theme for Birchbox February 2015’s box is ‘Birchbox Loves….

Birchbox February 2015 Contents and First Impressions

Birchbox February 2015 Contents and First Impressions
The first item inside my box is a 50ml tube of Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo (worth £2.50). I’ve only ever tried the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, but I’ve always wanted to try more from the brand so I was happy to see this shampoo inside the box.
This shampoo is described as a shine-boosting blend of vitamin E, fruit extracts and shea butter, and is free from SLS/SLES with a lovely, fruity and zesty fragrance.
Birchbox February 2015 Contents and First Impressions
Next up is a 50ml bottle of T London Darjeeling Hand & Body (worth £3) which is a soothing hand and body lotion containing jojoba oils to soften and aloe oils to moisturise.
I have the T London Room Fragrance, and this has the very same scent and leaves my hands feeling silky soft and smooth. It’s a great size for throwing in your handbag, for moisturising your hands on the go as it doesn’t leave them feeling sticky or tacky.
Birchbox February 2015 Contents and First Impressions
I’m always excited to see makeup items inside the box, and for Birchbox February 2015 we’re lucky enough to have two. The first is a travel size 0.8g Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner (worth £4) in charcoal which is a creamy, matte black.
The pencil has a really smooth formula that glides across the skin without tugging or dragging. This liner is impressively pigmented and it lasts really well in the waterline. The travel size makes it ideal for carrying in your makeup bag as it’s nice and compact.
Image of the Caudalie VinoPerfect Radiance Serum
My next item in the Birchbox February 2015 box is a 10ml tube of Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (worth £15), which is really generous size. This serum claims to fight dark spots and boosts the skin’s radiance and appearance. It’s specifically effective at preventing new dark spots such as pregnancy masks, scars, age spots, sun spots and hormonal spots).
I am a massive Caudalie fan so I was excited to see this serum inside the box as it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, as I suffer from hormonal breakouts which leave scarring for weeks. This serum feels very lightweight and silky, and feels so moisturising at the same time. I have a feeling I’m going to be purchasing the full size once this tube has run out.
Image of theBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer Highlighter
My favourite item from the Birchbox February 2015 box is definitely this one… a small a 0.57g sample of theBalm Cindy Lou-Manizer (worth £1.07). Yes this is the smallest item with the lowest value in the box, but it’s a product I’ve been toying about buying for some time now but I was worried it would be too dark for my pale skin.
The sample is very small indeed, but you only need the smallest amount per use, that it will lasts for months and months. Again this is such a great size to carry around with you. The shade is a pretty, shimmery peachy that is definitely a blush shade on my skintone, but I’m so happy that I now have Cindy Lou-Manizer in my life.
Image of the Chia Co Oats + Chia in Mixed Berry
The Lifestyle Extra for the Birchbox February 2015 box is a sachet of The Chia Co. Oats + Chia in the flavour ‘Mixed Berry’ worth 99 pence. This is described as a creamy blend of wholegrain oats, chia, fruit and virgin coconut oil. It’s supposedly very easy to make as you simply add water, but as I don’t like oats, I’ve given this to my other half as he’s much more into porridge type meals than I am but I’m sure he’ll love it although at 99 pence a packet, it’s quite expensive if you were to have it everyday.
I am SO happy with the Birchbox February 2015 box.. there isn’t one product that I don’t like or wouldn’t use, and I think this is the best box Birchbox have done for a few months. I love the slimbox concept, and the smaller boxes are ideal for makeup storage inside my IKEA Alex drawers.
Birchbox February 2015 Contents and First Impressions 1
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