Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream Review

3rd February 2015

Hand Chemistry is a brand that really boomed during 2014, and I’ve read many rave reviews of their products especially their Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream which even featured in the Telegraph, and was the bestselling handcream in Boots last year. The Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream £19 is a concentrated multi-functional hand cream that targets eight signs of anti-ageing simultaneously. It has a 19.5% active complex concentration which visibly improves firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration, with visible results promised within just 11 days.

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream Review
Understandably, there’s quite a lot of science behind the ingredients of this wonder cream but it’s said to contain a biotechnological derivative of the mushroom, Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp which is shown to be 400 x more moisturising than Hyaluronic Acid. Skin moisture content can be increased by 11% in just 12 hours, 21% in 24 hours and 32% in 30 days thanks to the inclusion of an algae ferment.

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream Review

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream Review

I love the pink and white clinical design of the packaging.. it looks quite scientific yet girly at the same time that I think would appeal to all ages. The Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream 100ml and is super rich, with an amazingly fruity scent. Once applied to the hands, it does take a little while to absorb so it’s definitely the type of handcream to apply before bed. In the morning I wake up to such incredibly smooth hands and cuticles.

After using the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream £19 for 11 days, I have noticed a significant improvement in my hands although I’m not sure I can say I’ve seen all right signs. My hands are definitely firmer, smoother and more hydrated than they were before I started using this Hand Chemistry Hand Cream, and the skin looks a lot more even in tone.
I’ve never tried an hand cream which made such a noticeable difference in such a short time, and I’ve been raving about it to anyone that’ll listen. I think this hand cream would be ideal for those with hands that show signs of ageing, as I imagine the effects would be even more noticeable and I’m definitely going to buy one for my Mum for Mother’s Day as she’s always quite self conscious about her hands. I am so happy with my very first Hand Chemistry product, and I’m now dying to try their Hyaluronic Concentrate after being so wowed by this hand cream.
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