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MAC Lightness of Being Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish

One of my all-time favourite highlighters is MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade which I raved about last year here, however I was left desolate after my beloved Lightscapade smashed after dropping it. I really resented having to purchase a replacement, but when I saw that MAC were releasing it as part of their Lightness of Being collection, I knew it was the perfect time to replace it especially as the MAC Lightness of Being Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish features a special embossed design.

MAC Lightness of Being Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish Review and Swatch
Image of the domed compact with a clear window to show the shade inside

The Lightness of Being collection has the new style packaging on their powders, which l much prefer as it feels a lot more sturdy, with a smaller plastic window which I’m hoping will be a little more protective should I have another butter fingers incident. When I purchased my original version, it was only £19 but the price has now crept upto £23 in just under two years along with a lot of the MAC makeup products.

Image showing the inside of the compact, with a textured domed compact
MAC Lightness of Being Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish Swatch

The MSF powders usually have a smooth, domed surface but for the Lightness of Being collection, the powders have an interesting knitted design which I couldn’t resist especially as the different coloured veining in Lightscapade looked a lot more prominent with the knitted design.

The texture of this special edition Lightscapade is a little less smooth and silky compared to the permanent Lightscapade, and I think this powder imparts more shimmer whereas the permanent Lightscapade gave such a beautiful subtle glow to the skin. I do really love this Lightscapade, but I’m just surprised that the formula differs so much. The more prominent lilac and peach veining doesn’t actually add any colour to the powder – it’s still a pale champagne.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve very happy to have the MAC Lightness of Being Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish back in my collection, as it really is my absolute favourite highlighter, but I think the formula of this special edition is below par compared to the permanent edition.

you have pale skin, you really need MAC Lightscapade in your life.. it’s the perfect, cool-toned highlighter that can be worn alone, or layered over matte blushes and I will always repurchase it as it’s so beautiful.