Makeup Revolution Highlight Highlighting Powder Palette Review / Swatches

The very first products I tried from Makeup Revolution, were their three Vivid Baked Highlighters (reviewed here, here and here) and that’s where my love affair with the brand started. The Vivid Baked Highlighters are absolutely stunning powder highlighters with a beautiful metallic finish, and Makeup Revolution have now created a palette containing the three highlighters on the Revolution Beauty website; the Makeup Revolution Highlight Highlighting Powder Palette.

Image of the rose gold cardboard outer box showing the shades inside
Image of the shiny black plastic casing
Image of the palette open showing the three different highlighter shades
Makeup Revolution Highlight Highlighting Powder Palette

Makeup Revolution Highlight Highlighting Powder Palette

The Makeup Revolution Highlight Highlighting Powder Palette is £8* which is really great value considering each highlighter costs £3 each, and although the palette contains less product than you’d get if you bought them separately, this palette is much more travel-friendly option and includes a mirror whereas the individual highlighters don’t have mirrors. 
The three powders have a different pattern to them than the individual powders have which I much prefer, and I think the texture of the powders in this palette is much silkier than that of the individual powders, so they look better on the skin and don’t emphasise texture or any tiny hairs on the face. They do have the same names as the individual highlighters too…
Makeup Revolution Highlight Highlighting Powder Palette
All three highlighters inside the palette swatch beautifully, with an amazingly silky smooth texture. Golden Lights is a stunning golden highlight which is very similar to NARS Albatross, Peach Lights is a peachy bronze shade and Pink Lights is a pale pink/lilac.
The shades of the three powders are identical to the single powders, but I really do think that the consistency of the powders in the palette are better than the the individual powders and £8 for three stunning highlighters is amazing value, so I’d recommend skipping the individual highlighters and getting this palette instead.
I think this Makeup Revolution Highlight Highlighting Powder Palette is a lot more portable than the domed highlighter compacts and I like having all three within one palette as you can mix shades together.

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