MonuSkin Cleansing Balm

MonuSkin is a brand I’ve tried a few times thanks to their products being featured quite often within the likes of Glossybox and Birchbox. MonuSkin are a professional skincare brand that prides themselves on their natural active skincare, and have been around for nearly 25 years. Not only do MonuSkin think about the products they create, they’re also mindful about the environment and the impact of sustainability. The MonuSkin Cleansing Balm £47.96 isn’t a product I’d ever tried before, but because I love a good cleansing balm, I knew I’d enjoy giving it a try. 

MonuSkin Cleansing Balm

Treat your skin to the ultimate cleansing sensation with Cleansing Balm. Bursting with the uplifting scents of Rose and Geranium Essential Oils, this luxurious balm smooths on to the skin with ease to dissolve all traces of makeup and impurities in an instant.

An innovative blend of Blackcurrant, Rosehip Seed and Almond oils coupled with Wheat Germ and Apricot calm and cleanse the skin whilst aiding in maintaining an enviable youthful suppleness.”

Top Tip

Fantastic for removing waterproof mascara, lipstick or any other hard to remove make up.

How to use

Warm the Cleansing Balm in the palm of the hands and gently massage over the face and neck for a couple of minutes. Add water to emulsify into a rich milk and smooth over closed eyes to remove makeup before rinsing off with warm water and the muslin cloth provided.

Image of the plastic jar open showing the cleansing balm inside

The MonuSkin Cleansing Balm has a thick, almost butter consistency which melts as soon as you scoop it from the pot. It does have a strong scent of rose, but that’ll be because of the high concentration of essential oils. I’m quite scent sensitive so it’s a little too strong for my personal liking, and I do worry about essential oils on the skin especially if you have sensitive skin but it is a lovely cleansing balm. It’s very gentle yet effective at melting your makeup, but it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth after rinsing. I personally prefer the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, but this is still a great cleansing balm option.

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