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Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brush Collection Review

When Makeup Revolution announced that they were launching a collection of makeup brushes, my Twitter feed went crazy with bloggers being excited about the new release and I too couldn’t wait to see what the brushes were like. There are nine brushes within the Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brush Collection* in the collection; five face brushes and four eye brushes ranging from just £1.50 to £3.75 which is seriously affordable but are they any good? 

The Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brush Collection
Makeup Brushes are so hard to get right.. I like my brushes to have soft bristles, be effective at applying makeup without shedding all over my face and I’m pretty critical when it comes to brushes and I’ve been putting the Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brush Collection through their paces for the last couple of weeks.

Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brush Collection Review

The Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brush Collection
Close up image of the five face brushes
Pro F101 Foundation Brush £3. I’m not a fan of paddle shaped foundation brushes at all.. they’re just so hard to apply foundation with as they just wipe the foundation across your face and leave a really uneven, streaky finish. This is the only brush from the collection that I don’t like unfortunately.
Pro F102 Concealer Brush £1.95. This brush is a tiny version of the foundation brush, with long, rounded bristles. The bristles are very shiny so it’s not the best at blending concealer as it tends to wipe the concealer off rather than blend it, but it is good for concealing blemishes as you can build up the coverage you need. I also like using this brush to lightly conceal around the outside of my brows for a cleaner, sculpted look and you could use it to clean up your lip line if you’re using a bright, statement lipstick for a super precise finish.
Pro F103 Stippling Brush £3. I love a good stippling brush, and use one everytime I do my makeup. As far as stippling brushes go, this is quite small so I’ve found that it’s perfect for applying powder as I can be really precise with my application, and it’s a great shape for dusting powder under my eyes to set my concealer. I’ve also used this brush to apply cream blushes such as the Stila Color Convertibles.
Pro F104 Powder Brush £3.75. This is a large, domed fluffy brush with really soft bristles that applies powder as sparingly as you want to, but you could possibly use this brush to apply a powder foundation as the bristles are reasonably dense. If you like using a bronzer all over your face to warm up your complexion, you could this brush although it’s much too big for precise bronzing.
Pro F105 Contour Brush £3. I really like that Makeup Revolution have included a Sigma F40 dupe within their Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brush Collection, as I love using an angled brush like this for applying bronzer or blusher. The bristles aren’t particularly dense, so the brush can give a soft contour but it’s not going to give you a defined contour as the bristles are very fluffy and just not stiff enough. The small brush head is ideal for applying blush to the apples of the cheeks.
Eye Makeup BrushesClose up image of the four eye brushes
Pro E101 Eyeshadow Brush £1.95. This brush is almost like an even smaller version of the Foundation Brush and the Concealer Brush, with a smaller rounded dome shape. The bristles are flat and thin, and I’ve found that it’s best for applying cream eyeshadows like the Maybelline Color Tattoo’s, as it can smooth the shadow across the lid. It’s not particularly effective at applying powder shadows as the bristles are too stiff making smooth application difficult.
Pro E102 Eyeshadow Contour Brush £1.95. This brush is one of my two favourites from the Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brush Collection, with its angled bristles which I love to use for applying shadow within the crease as it’s fluffy enough that it can both apply and blend. The bristles are quite flat on the sides of the brush so it can also apply shadow across the lid too.
Pro E103 Eyeshadow Blending Brush £1.95. My favourite brush from the Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brush Collection.. a perfect eyeshadow blending brush. A lot of cheaper eyeshadow brushes tend to be stiff and scratchy which I hate as I have sensitive eyes, and they tend to make my eyes water. However the bristles on all of the Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brushes are soft, silky and smooth and not at all scratchy. The bristles of this brush are dense enough to blend shadow really well without displacing any shadow.
Pro E104 Eyebrow Brush £1.50. You can never have enough angled brushes like this, as they can be used for the brows or for eyeliner. I really like how stiff the bristles are on this brush, as it gives you a lot of control when lining the eye with gel liner, or applying a gel brow cream or powder. Bold claim but I think this is the best angled liner brush I’ve come across, and I’ll definitely be buying a couple of backups in my next Makeup Revolution order.

So overall, I’m very impressed with the whole Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brush Collection and I can’t believe that Makeup Revolution have been able to pull off such good quality brushes for such an affordable price. I think these brushes are better than e.l.f.’s Studio range of brushes, and I’d really recommend trying them. If I had to whittle down my four favourites from the nine brushes it would be the; Eyeshadow Blending Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Eyeshadow Contour Brush and the Contour Brush.

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