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W7 Go Corrective Concealers

I really like W7 as a brand as their products are so affordable but the quality is really good and they’re cruelty free too. When I saw that Xtras were stocking the new W7 Go Corrective Concealers, I knew I had to try them as I’ve never tried any colour correcting concealers before so I thought they were a good option for a first try seeing as they are only an amazing £2.49 each from eBay so it wasn’t a massive waste of money if they didn’t work for my skintone..

Image showing the three plastic pots in lavender, green and yellow
There are three W7 Go Corrective Concealers available; Green, Lavender and Yellow. The Green Concealer is designed to neutralise blemishes and redness, the Lavender Concealer is designed to conceal dark circles and lift the tone of your skin whilst the Yellow Concealer is designed to even out the skintone.
Each of the Go Corrective Concealers are packaged within small circular plastic jars and contain 7g of product. I’m not typically a fan of concealers in pots as they’re not particularly hygienic, but I use a brush to pick up the concealer and apply it to my face and then use the same brush or my fingertips to blend the concealer in to my skin.
Close up of the yellow banana corrective concealerClose up of the green corrective concealer
Close up of the purple lilac corrective concealer
W7 Go Corrective Concealers
Yellow Concealer: This shade is said to even out skintone and I don’t actually have an uneven skintone so I wasn’t sure that it’d work for me. However I tried using it over my freckles all over my cheeks, and somehow it made them a little less noticeable?!
I tried using it under my eyes to see if it would work and it actually worked better at reducing darkness than the Purple shade. I think this shade is perfect if you have any imperfections, or discolouration you’d like to minimise but it somehow makes my skin look a little less flat so I like to use it very lightly on my cheeks and chin before foundation.
Green Concealer: This is definitely the shade that impressed me the most. I applied it to two blemishes I had, and the redness surrounding them just magically disappeared – I really couldn’t believe it. Obviously the blemishes were still noticeable because of their raised surface, but the redness and inflammation had been camouflaged by the concealer.
I apply this concealer before my foundation, and then after my foundation I apply a little of my normal concealer and they make an amazing duo. I cannot rave about this particular shade enough.. it really is incredible how it manages to disguise any redness, and I imagine it would work wonders if you have any other redness you want to hide.
Purple Concealer: I’ve found this shade to be the least effective from the W7 Go Corrective Concealers trio, as I can’t honestly see any improvement to my dark circles when I use this.
I’ve tried using it under and over foundation, but it just doesn’t make any difference whatsoever which is slightly strange considering how good the other two shades are. I also noticed that even though the consistency is very creamy, it does cling to any dryness which is less than ideal so I think it’s best to skip this shade..
Considering how affordable each of the W7 Go Corrective Concealers are and as I’ve never used colour correcting concealers before, I’ll be completely honest that I wasn’t expecting them to be very good.. however I’m very pleasantly surprised. All three shades have a really creamy consistency, but not too creamy that they slip and slide around.
I was worried that they might have been a little stiff, and hard to blend but they’re so easy to blend with both a makeup brush or fingertips. The pigmentation of each of the concealers is really impressive too.. I assumed that they’d have a subtle colour, but they’re really noticeable on the skin before being blended out. I think £2.49 is such a great price for the Green and Yellow shades, but I really wouldn’t recommend the Purple one as it really doesn’t do anything sadly.

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