BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Hair Dryer Review

5th March 2015

When it comes to my hair, drying it with a hairdryer is my most hated task as my hair is waist long, and thick so it takes an absolute age to dry it and it gives me serious arm ache to hold my heavy hairdryer for such a long time. With hairdryers, I need a high powered hairdryer with over 2000 watts, to dry my hair but all hairdryers of that power are ridiculously heavy so I was most excited to hear about the new BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Hair Dryer that boasts an high powered engine and is described as being lightweight.

Image of hair tool inside the box, with controlled nozzle and instruction booklet
The BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Hair Dryer £120* is a Feelunique exclusive, with impressive specifications. It is powered by the new MaxLife PRO brushless motor which is designed in collaboration with Ferrari, to deliver upto 10,000 hours of high-speed drying compared to the 700 hours of most styling tools. The BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Hair Dryer has a super high power of 2400 watts, with stronger air pressure and faster airflow to guarantee professional air drying.
What makes the BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Hair Dryer so unique, is that is incredibly lightweight considering its power and size and it has a very low vibration which gives a much quieter operation. My previous hairdryer was so loud that you couldn’t possibly hold a conversation whilst it was turned on, but this dryer really is considerably quieter; so much so, I could dry my hair with someone asleep upstairs and it wouldn’t wake them.
Close up of the dryer laying next to the nozzles and attachments
Alongside the hairdryer itself, in the box there are two differently sized ultra-slim nozzles to offer precision drying as well as a removable noise reducing rear filter which can be simply screwed onto the back of the dryer.
The noise reducing filter is incredible, and is what makes this dryer so very unique to other hair dryers on the market.. you can even hear the door go or the phone ring whilst using this dryer, which is something I’ve never been able to do with any other hairdryer I’ve ever used.
BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Hair Dryer
On the handle of the BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Hair Dryer, there are two switches; one which controls the power of the dryer with two different speeds, and there is also a switch which controls the heat of the dryer; again with two different heat options.
There is also a ‘cold shot’ button on the handle above the switches, which when held will help tame the frizz as well as sealing the hair cuticle after using heat, and I find it gives my hair extra shine when I finish with the cold shot. On the back of the handle, there is a ‘Turbo Boost’ button which is even higher powered and ideal for use on my super long hair as it dries my hair in less than two minutes, when I’d normally be drying for at least 10 minutes.
BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Hair Dryer

BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Hair Dryer Review 

The BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Hair Dryer is stunningly sleek, with its glossy black design and it has an handy loop on the wire so you can hang the dryer up when not in use, as well as a tangle-free 2.8m power cord so you’re not restricted when trying to dry your hair by a short power cable. I can’t believe how lightweight the dryer is at only 530g considering how much power it has, and the reduced vibrations are fantastic for those who have joint conditions such as arthritis like my Mum, who struggles to use standard hairdryers as the vibrations hurt her wrists.
This is without a doubt, the best hairdryer I’ve ever used by a long shot.. it’s extremely effective at drying my hair quickly, without giving me arm ache due to being so lightweight. I love that the motor is brushless, so I don’t have to worry about it burning out or overheating like I do with conventional hairdryers and it will save me a considerable amount of electricity each month by reducing my hair drying time by over two thirds. Yes £120 may seem like a lot for the initial outlay, but it has a two year guarantee and offers 10,000 hours of hair drying time so it’s going to last for a very long time.
BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Hair Dryer Review 1
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