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Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set

If you watch the videos of the big American YouTubers, you will have definitely seen Morphe Brushes feature in many videos. Morphe Brushes is a California based makeup brush brand that also offer makeup products for quite affordable prices.

I’ve been dying to try some of the Morphe Brushes’ makeup brushes, but their international delivery is pretty extortionate so I was thrilled to discover that Beauty Chamber are now stocking an impressive selection of Morphe Brushes products on their site. 

The makeup brush set that really caught my eye was the Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set which is only £24.95*, and contains seven travel friendly rose gold Morphe brushes inside a convenient, black, leatherette travel case which keeps your brushes clean and protected.

Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set Review
I really love the case, as it opens by undoing two poppers into two separate brush holders, and I like to use one for my face brushes and the other for my eye brushes.
Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set
The Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set contains seven brushes; three face brushes and four eye brushes. Each brush has a glossy, black wooden handle with a rose gold ferrule and they all feel so well made and luxurious, and I’ve not had any issues with shedding since I got them.

Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set

Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set
The first brush is a multi-use brush, with its soft and fluffy bristles which are shaped into a dome. The brush works well for both applying and blending powder, bronzer or blusher.
Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set
This angled brush is one of my favourites from the kit, as its angled shape is ideal for contouring or for precise application of blush onto the apples of the cheeks. I’ve also used this brush to apply powder highlighter, which it does effectively due to its shape.
Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set
This is a typical foundation paddle shaped brush, which I don’t personally like to use for foundation.. I just don’t find this shape particularly effective at applying foundation as it feels more like a paint brush.
It is however better used for applying concealer, as the bristles are tapered so you can blend concealer upto your lashline, and in difficult places like around your nose. If you’re into cream contouring, this brush is fantastic at applying your cream contour Kim K style, before going in with a Beauty Blender type sponge to blend it out.
Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set
This eyeshadow blending brush is most definitely my favourite from the set. I’ve found that a lot of makeup brush kits tend to have quite stiff, and almost scratchy bristles on their blending brushes but this Morphe Brushes Blending Brush is so silky and soft, but the bristles are firm enough that they’re amazing at applying and then blending eyeshadow seamlessly through the crease.
I really wish I could purchase a few more of this exact brush so I could have some back-up’s as it’s one of the best eyeshadow blending brushes, I’ve ever come across.
Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set
The next brush is a smokey liner brush with dense, longer bristles similar to a pencil brush but a lot thinner and compact. The bristles are synthetic, and quite shiny so I use it for either applying black shadow along my lashline for adding definition, or for smudging gel or pencil liner along my lash lines.
You could also use this brush to apply concealer along the underside of your eyebrows to create a cleaner, carved out appearance for your brows.
Small dense brush for packing on eyeshadow colour
This brush is what I’d describe as being a base shadow brush, to apply shadow across my eyelids for an even base before applying any crease or transition shades. The bristles are flat, and domed so it works really well at packing on colour to the lids but you can also use it to smudge shadow along your lashline too by using the tip of the brush.
Close up of angled eyeshadow brush for blending crease shadow
The last brush in the Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set is an angled shadow brush, which did have a couple of longer bristles (like you see in the photo) which I did have to snip down, but was a little strange initially.
This brush can be also used to apply shadow to the lid, or for blending shadow out and it’s angled shape means that it fits perfectly into the crease for blending. I also like using this brush to blend out my under-eye concealer as the bristles are super fluffy.
I can’t believe that this Morphe Brushes Rose Gold Brush Set is only £24.95, it’s such amazing value to get seven amazing rose gold brushes; they look so beautiful, inside the travel case. I’ve never seen such a lovely brush set for such a low price, and there’s not one disappointing brush in the whole set, and I’m dying to try more from Morphe Brushes now they’ve launched onto Beauty Chamber.