PMD Personal Microderm Review

I’ve seen the PMD Personal Microderm feature in so many American YouTube videos, where they’ve praised the device for transforming their skin. The PMD is very popular over in the US, but now the PMD has reached UK soils so we can finally try it out for ourselves. If you’re unaware of what the PMD is, it is an hand-held skincare device that delivers the same pore refining and skin purifying results as professional medical spas and salons.  The PMD Personal Microderm £150* combines the power of exfoliation with a vacuum suction to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, age spots and enlarged pores.

PMD Personal Microderm Review

How does the PMD Personal Microderm work? 

The device uses the same aluminium oxide crystals as found in professional machines which make up a flat, coarse disc that has an exfoliating effect on the skin. The dead skin cells are instantly removed by the vacuum action of the device, which activates the innate skin healing mechanism that stimulates cell renewal and collagen production in the upper layers of the skin.
PMD Personal Microderm Review
PMD Personal Microderm Review
The PMD Personal Microderm box contains; the PMD device, 7 exfoliating discs, 1 electric charger cord and three different plug adaptors, 1 facial cap, 1 body cap, 1 reusable filter, instructional DVD and double sided leaflet. The only thing I feel is missing from the kit is a bag, or case to store the device in.. I’m currently using a Birchbox drawstring bag to house everything in, but I do think that one should be included.
PMD Personal Microderm Review
The PMD device feels very solid in the hand, and has an ergonomic rubberised grip on the handle. To use the device, you have to plug the power cord into the base.. it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery so you’d need to be near a power outlet to be able to use the device.
I would have liked to have used the device in the bathroom which is where I do the majority of my skincare regime, but I don’t have a power point in my bathroom so I use it in my bedroom. I really like that the device comes with a training DVD, so you can learn all about the device and how it works before using it.
PMD Personal Microderm Review
The PMD comes complete with seven different exfoliating discs; one white disc which is for ultra sensitive skin and training, a blue disc for the face and a blue disc for the body which is for sensitive skin and a green disc for the face and a green disc for the body which is for medium abrasion. You can also purchase red discs separately which are for maximum strength abrasion.
If you are using any chemical peels, hydroxy acids, retinols or similar products, it’s important to stop and allow your skin to regenerate for seven days before using this device which is what I had to do, as I had been using the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator. You must never hover or stop in one spot or you can get scrape marks or irritations, and you mustn’t pass over the same piece of skin more than twice. PMD recommend testing new discs and colours on your arm or neck initially to see how the skin reacts – if there is any pain, discontinue use.
Instructional guide with the step by step on how to use the device
Image showing the facial disc and body disc on the device
The device comes with two blue caps, a small facial cap for the facial disc and a large body cap for the body disc. To change the disc/cap, you simply twist the cap off and pull the disc off the device, and replace it by pushing the new one down onto the ‘spike’ and replace the cap and twist it tightly.


To use the PMD, the steps are very simple: a) thoroughly cleanse the skin and allow it to dry b) connect the power cord and twist tight c) start your first treatment with the small white training disc d) make sure the disc sits slightly below the cap (as shown above) and glide the PMD across the skin is straight line motions; short strokes are OK e) pull your skin tight with your free hand so the disc glides smoothly across the surface of the skin f) place the PMD device on your skin so you feel the suction, and always keep the device moving across the skin.

My PMD Personal Microderm Experience

Once you plug the PMD into a power source, it makes a dull buzzing sound and the device vibrates gently. The space surrounding the disc sucks the skin, which does feel really strange but I soon got used to it but the suction is very strong so you really must keep the skin taut with your other hand, and keep moving as it scratched me a few times whilst I was practising. After passing the disc over the skin, it does make my skin very red which does look alarming but the redness subsides within minutes luckily. After passing the device over my skin, the results can be instantly felt as the skin feels considerably smoother and refined.
I’ve been using the PMD Personal Microderm for around a month now, which means I’ve used the device four times as you can only use it once a week and I’ve already noticed such a huge improvement to my skin. My dry patches have reduced considerably.. they’re a lot smoother and not as noticeable when I wear foundation which is huge to me as it’s one of my biggest skin concerns.
I’ve also notice that my blemish scarring is a lot less prominent, and that they heal a lot quicker. I’m really looking forward to seeing even more improvement over the coming weeks, but I was blown away by how effective it was from the very first use. The PMD Personal Microderm is very much a considered purchase, but one I feel is completely worth it.. you can’t put a price on skin confidence, which is what the PMD Personal Microderm has given me in such a short time and I’m really hopeful that my skin will be clear enough for me to be able to go bare-skinned this summer and feel confident.
Have you been tempted by the amazing PMD?

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