Sleek MakeUP Showstoppers i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

In 2014, Superdrug celebrated their 50th birthday and to mark the occasion they collaborated with a number of brands to create exclusive or limited edition products. Sleek MakeUP were one of said brands, and they re-released their Sleek MakeUP Showstoppers i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette £7.99 exclusively on the Superdrug website with special ‘birthday’ outer packaging. I missed out when Sleek originally released their Showstoppers Palette back in early 2013, so I knew I had to purchase it as soon as they re-released it.

Bright pink coloured cardboard box containing the palette
What makes the Sleek MakeUP Showstoppers i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette so special and unique is that it contains 12 of Sleek’s most popular eyeshadow shades from their i-Divine Palettes so if you collect Sleek’s palettes, there’s a big chance that you already own a selection of these shades already.
Sleek MakeUP Showstoppers i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette
Sleek MakeUP Showstoppers i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette
Just like all of Sleek’s i-Divine Eyeshadow Palettes, the Showstoppers Palette contains 12 circular pans of shadow inside a matte black plastic palette with a mirror inside the lid. The palettes are very compact and lightweight without any unnecessary bulky packaging.
The palette comes with a plastic sheet with the names for each shadow, but I’d much prefer if they included the names on the base of palette as it’s such a faff to keep the plastic sheet but that’s the only flaw in my opinion with the Sleek palettes.
The twelve names are named after the palette it comes from rather than the specific shade, however the 2013 version did have the shade name from the palette, so it’s strange that they’ve ditched that with this re-release as it makes more sense for the shades to have their original names.

Sleek MakeUP Showstoppers i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Sleek MakeUP Showstoppers i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette
Paraguaya: I promise that this is swatched.. but as you can see it’s very pale and essentially the same colour as my skintone. It’s a matte shade which works well as a base shadow for all of the shadows in the palette.
Sunset: This is such a stunning metallic burgundy, reddish brown shade and definitely one of my favourites from the palette. It’s so perfect for Autumn and Winter, and it has a really buttery texture.
Me, Myself & Eye: One of two letdowns in the palette.. I have no idea why they included this in a palette of their most popular shades? The consistency is very gritty and the pigmentation is so poor.
Bad Girl: I love this shade so much. It’s a gorgeous, shimmery olive green with almost a gold duo-chrome effect. This is quite soft, so it does have quite a lot of fall out but I can overcome the fall out as the shade is so pretty.
Noir: A metallic blue gunmetal, with a black base which is buttery with impressive pigmentation just like Sunset.
Ultra Mattes V2: Every palette should have a matte black shadow in my opinion, and this is actually quite good for a matte shadow as Sleek are much better at creating shimmer shadows than they are matte.
Sleek MakeUP Showstoppers i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette
Oh So Special: This is the other letdown in the Sleek MakeUP Showstoppers i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette. I can’t believe they included this awful shadow as it’s so poorly pigmented even with a primer underneath. Looking at swatches of the original Showstoppers Palette, Oh So Special was much better in terms of pigmentation. It’s supposedly a pale, cool-toned grey with a matte finish.
Bohemian: Such a pretty, bright coral matte but unfortunately it’s quite disappointing and chalky although I’m not too sure how to use this particular shade, without making my eyes look sore.
Storm: Another matte, but with slightly better pigmentation – a deep navy blue.
Sparkle: Shimmery pale beige, with a metallic finish. This makes for a really pretty inner corner highlight or for pressing onto the centre of the lid over any eyeshadow for a brightening effect.
Au Naturel: In the pan this shade contains a lot of silver glitter, but the glitter doesn’t translate onto the lids at all. This is a matte deep plum, but the pigmentation is amazing and it’s really quite buttery.
Graphite: One of my favourites from the palette – it’s so gorgeous! Graphite is a rich chocolate brown, with a soft creamy texture which I love wearing all over the lid with a little of the black shade along my lashline.
Overall the Sleek MakeUP Showstoppers i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette isn’t the best Sleek Palette I’ve tried in all honesty, as there are four disappointing shadows which is a third of the palette.
I’m still glad I bought this Showstoppers Palette as two thirds of the palette are good quality shades which are very nice but I did have higher expectations considering the palette supposedly contains Sleek’s most popular eyeshadows so I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed.

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