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Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener Review

Cloud Nine are an award-winning hair styling tools and accessories brand that are based within the UK, and ship internationally. For the last ten years or so, ghd have been the most sought after brand when it comes to hair straighteners, however over the last couple of years, Cloud Nine have become a massively well known, reputable brand with innovative designs and products. I used to swear by my ghd hair straighteners before I became a blogger, but I really have come to realise that ghd are no longer the best hair straightener brand on the market.. hello Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener.

Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener Review
For the last month or so, I’ve been trialling the Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straighteners £99* and I am beyond impressed. The Touch is Cloud Nine’s newest innovation and addition to their range of hair irons, and is the world’s first automatic hair straightener offering instant heat, with the Touch beginning to work from the very first stroke with no power button. Not only is the Touch completely buttonless, it heats up automatically to 195 degrees instantly, and allows you to to switch to a cooler temperature of 165 degrees by simply touching the plates together three times which is incredible to say the least.
Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener Review
Inside the beautiful box, the Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener comes with a 2.6 meter swivel cord offering complete freedom and flexibility when styling, a blue plastic heat guard which slides over the end of the styler to prevent burning any surfaces as well as a fantastic quality heat proof mat.
Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener Review
The heat proof mat is the best I’ve seen with any heated hair tool as it contains a tapered pocket which you simply insert the Touch into whilst it’s cooling down, and wrap it closed with the velcro fastening, and Cloud Nine actually make a donation of £2 per sale of the mat when purchased individually, to the Child Accident Prevention Trust which is amazing. I really love that I can insert my styler into the mat and wrap it closed, and know it’s not going to burn my carpet or dressing table.
Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener Review
Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener Review
The styler itself is a matte black colour which I really like as the matte texture makes it easier to grip onto when trying to curl my hair. The plates of the Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener are mineral infused so they glide through the hair smoothly, resulting in beautifully conditioned and highly polished hair.
Cloud Nine do a wider plate hair straightener called The Wide Iron so I was surprised by how good the size was of the plates on The Touch as they’re 9cm long and 2.3cm wide so you can straighten wide pieces of hair very easily, which is great for hair as long as mine as it’s a lot quicker.
Now I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest stresses when leaving the house is the worry that I didn’t turn my hair straighteners off. I have never personally left my straighteners on when leaving the house, but a friend of mine did and it caused an house fire so I’ve been seriously paranoid ever since so the Touch really is perfect for a worrier like myself.
The Touch will automatically switch off if the styler hasn’t been used for more than 30 seconds, so I never have to worry about whether I’ve remembered to switch it off. If after 30 seconds you want to use the styler again, you simply pick it up and touch the plates together and it will instantly reach the optimum working temperature once again.
Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener Review
I was worried that the 30 second switch off may have been a little time consuming when styling my hair, as I like to section my hair and use a heat protection spray on each section which takes more than 30 seconds at a time, but after picking up the styler again to use it, it really does heat up almost instantly so there’s no extra waiting around whilst the plates re-heat.. it doesn’t take any longer to use than a standard hair straightener.
I really like that The Touch allows you to choose which temperature you want to use, which is something you don’t have with ghd‘s. For the majority of my hair, I like to use the hotter temperature of 195 degrees, but when straightening my fringe or ‘baby hair’, I much prefer the cooler 165 degrees as the hair is a lot finer in texture. The Touch has a great LED temperature control panel, which glows blue when being used at 165 and glows red at 195 so it’s completely fuss-free and easy to use.
The first time I used The Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener, I was blown away by how effectively it straightened my hair. The plates are incredibly smooth so my hair passes over them so swiftly so there is no tugging or pulling on the hair whatsoever. I particularly like that the Touch is a lot kinder on my hair as the hottest setting is a lot more hair-friendly than my ghd’s as they’re 220 degrees and they don’t allow you to alter the heat either.
Whenever I use the Touch, it keeps my frizzy, naturally curly hair looking sleek and straight all day long and stops it from frizzing up as soon as there’s moisture in the hair, which my fellow frizzy haired girls will appreciate, let me tell you.
The whole buttonless design had the potential to be quite gimmicky, but it really isn’t.. I’ve never used a pair of straighteners that heat up as quickly as Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener, and it leaves my hair looking and feeling amazing until its next wash – they really do tick every single box, and I’m a massive fan…
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