eyeCandy Gel Wrap System

When it comes to nails, there are so many different base coats and top coats to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. I love having my nails done in a nail salon, but it can be costly to keep them up and they’re obviously very damaging on your natural nails under neath. I’ve tried a few different gel nail kits and whilst I really like them, I do think they can sometimes be a little bit of a faff so the eyeCandy Gel Wrap System £11.49 really appealed as an at home option for creating a gel effect.

eyeCandy Gel Wrap System

Gel Wrap System is a multi patented dual polymer self curing resin. Developed with exclusive polymers that are specifically designed to create a long lasting, ultra durable high shine finish. This unique formulation ensures longevity by encapsulating the colour between patented plasticisers & resins. Contains volcanic glass and shellac, which gives the final result of a glorious ultra wet look polish.

  • Revolutionary dual polymer formulation
  • Suitable for any polish
  • Get gel polish without a UV light
  • Ultra strong finish
  • Non yellowing formula
  • Shellac for extra durability
  • Ultra wet look & high shine

Directions for Use: 1) Apply one coat of “Start” base coat to the natural nail. Wait for this to dry thoroughly. 2) Apply your chosen choice of nail colour. Again, wait for this to dry thoroughly. 3) Apply a coat of the “Finish” top coat to seal in the colour. Make sure you coat under the free edge of the nail also.

Note: Ensure nails are thoroughly cleaned and dry before use. Remove any existing polish and ensure nails are free of oils and hand & nail creams, as this may impair the results.

Removal: Use a polish remover and remove as you would regular nail polish. Soak nails to remove any stubborn reside.

eyeCandy Gel Wrap System

The eyeCandy Gel Wrap System is essentially a two step, super simple system with a base coat and a top coat which can be used on any type of nail polish rather than just gel polishes as there’s no curing involved. I found them very easy to use, and the directions were simply to follow but I’m not sure I can agree the end result would rival a gel manicure. The finished nails are left glossy, and smooth but they don’t look like gel nails, and they don’t have that thickness and polished finish you get when having gel nails. I do wish the brushes were a little wider, as they are so narrow which can cause a few stroke marks with the top coat, but in all honesty I’d rather use my HK Girl top coat as it dries quicker, and gives a more gel finish effect.

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