MUA Luxe Spry Whipped Velvet Blush

4th April 2015

I used to be a big fan of MUA’s makeup range, but after they tweeted and posted (then deleted) rude comments on their Twitter and Facebook accounts about their customers in late 2012, I’ve not been particularly interested in trying anything else from the brand until I saw their new Spring releases. I love cream blushes, so when I saw that they’d released a range of five Whipped Velvet Blushes within their Luxe range, I knew I’d have to try them and I opted for the MUA Luxe Spry Whipped Velvet Blush. The MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blushes are £3 each, and are described as being an ultra-soft blush with a lightweight formulation.

MUA Luxe Spry Whipped Velvet Blush
MUA Luxe Spry Whipped Velvet Blush
MUA Luxe Spry Whipped Velvet Blush
MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush £3
The MUA Luxe Spry Whipped Velvet Blush is packaged within a small, circular plastic pot and contains 4g of product. Spry is a pretty dusky pink shade which I chose as I thought it’d be the most wearable shade. the consistency of the blush is quite strange.. it’s like a dense mousse which turns into a cream when blended into the skin.
Unfortunately, when I blend Spry into my cheeks with my fingers or a brush, it blends into nothing and just disappears no matter how much I apply, it just blends into the skin without leaving any colour on my cheeks whatsoever. I’ve tried apply this blush in different ways, with different brushes and sponges and the end result is exactly the same.. an invisible blush which is ridiculous.
I know it only cost £3, but still, you’d expect to be able to at least see the product on the skin. The swatch above looks streaky, as I had to apply multiple layers for it to even show up on the camera but even with multiple layers, it disappeared as soon as I blended it into my skin. I’ve seen some rave reviews of these blushes so perhaps I had a bad one? I’m not so sure. I would however really recommend trying them instore before buying them, because an invisible blusher is pretty pointless to say the least, regardless of how cheap it is…
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