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Riemann P20 Once a Day Sun Protection Review

I am seriously pale, and covered in freckles so it’s safe to say, my skin isn’t particularly sun-friendly. Due to my skin tone, I burn very, very easily and I always wear a minimum of factor 50 sun protection every single day. When I was on holiday in Ibiza nearly ten years ago, I ran out of my factor 50 and used a friends factor 15 whilst we were on a boat trip (I was young and naive) and I got so badly burnt that in the evening I had to go to the local emergency centre as I had huge weeping blisters all over my legs and I was very poorly. Fast forward ten years, I still have scars on my thighs as the burns were so severe. That was definitely my worst sunburn incident and was entirely my own fault, but I am now always so exceptionally careful with my sun protection. Last year I bought the Ambre Solaire Dry Mist as I liked the prospect of a non-greasy and a non-sticky suncream. However the formula was so dry that I couldn’t tell where I’d applied it, so I ended up using so much per application to ensure I was thoroughly protected, that it only lasted for a small amount of uses which is pretty pricey considering it’s £16 a bottle. This year I decided I wanted to try the Riemann P20 Once a Day Sun Protection as I’ve read so many rave reviews, and it has really impressive claims.

Riemann P20 Sun Protection Review - SPF 50
Riemann P20 is available in four different SPF factors, and I opted for the highest that they do; SPF50. There are also two sizes available; 100ml and 200ml with the 100ml bottle costing £13.29 and the 200ml bottle costing £24.49, and I chose the 200ml bottle as Superdrug had it on offer for £19.49, and I knew it would cover me for the whole of summer. Riemann P20 is definitely pricier than the likes of Nivea and Ambre Solaire, but seeing as skin cancer runs in my family, I would pay anything for good quality, sun protection that I can trust especially as I’m so fair skinned.
Riemann P20 is such a unique product as it provides up to 10 hours of sun protection from just one application, and is very water resistant even with frequent swimming which is amazing if you’re going on holiday. What really impressed me is that it is active after only 15 minutes from application, so there’s no waiting around before going out in the sun like other sun protection.
Other claims/benefits include: non-greasy, fragrance free, broad spectrum photostable UV protection covering both UVA and UVB rays, lightweight consistency, more economical than other suncreams as it doesn’t need to be reapplied during the day, absorbs instantly, no white streaks and can be used on both the skin and scalp.
Riemann P20 Sun Protection Review - SPF 50
Riemann P20 uses to come in a bottle which you’d tip into your hand to apply, but the bottles now have a spray applicator which makes application very easy. I like that the bottle has a pump dispenser rather an aerosol as it covers a good area of skin with each spray, and it sprays a good amount of product so you know you’re thoroughly covered.
Riemann P20 Sun Protection Review - SPF 50
The texture of Riemann P20 is unique to any other sun protection product I’ve tried as it’s like an  oil and lotion hybrid with a yellow tint. To apply the liquid, I simply spray the skin and massage it into the skin until it’s fully absorbed, and for the face you have to spray into your hand and then apply to the skin.
The liquid absorbs quickly and strangely leaves a very subtle yellow tint to the skin whilst it absorbs, and once it has absorbed, it really is non-greasy and non-sticky.. it leaves my skin feeling like skin which I absolutely love. I hate using suncreams as it feels quite suffocating and heavy upon the skin, but this is the complete opposite.. you can’t feel it on the skin at all, nor smell it as it is truly fragrance free. It feels so much more comfortable on the skin, and as it’s not sticky, it doesn’t stick to any clothes or make me feel sweaty and uncomfortable like other suncreams.
Obviously the most important feature of a sun protection product is their efficacy at protecting the skin from the sun, which Riemann P20 excels at. We’ve been having some beautiful sunshine recently and it’s been pretty warm for April, and I’ve not burnt once whilst wearing it which is pretty huge for someone as pale as me.
Rob, my other half as even ditched his Nivea suncream in favour for Riemann P20 as it’s such an amazing product and ideal for him as he does a lot of long distance running in all weathers. I am so incredibly impressed with Riemann P20, it is without a doubt the best sun protection product I’ve ever tried, and I honestly cannot recommend it enough.. it really is worth the money, and I love the peace of mind it gives me knowing I am fully protected all day without having to carry suncream around with me.